Boston Cop who called Skip Gates a "Banana-Eating Jungle Monkey" has BPD Hearing

Democratic operatives across Massachusetts are not the only fools concerned about their jobs today. Boston Police Department officer Justin Barrett - whose love letter to Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham got him indefinitely suspended on account of his poor punctuation and famously equating Harvard scholar Skip Gates to a “banana-eating jungle monkey” - appeared in a private hearing earlier this afternoon.

Some might recall that it was not Barrett’s actual note that landed him in purgatory. It was his being cocky enough to forward the perceived masterstroke to department friends. If you haven’t read Barrett’s spiel, please be sure to do so; the only thing that trumps his arrogance is his believing that he had a hot polemic on his hands. For the sake of any students who Barrett taught while working as an English teacher (a claim he makes up front), let’s hope that he was drunk-typing.  

Though most lefty activists campaigned for Martha Coakley this morning, Roxbury gadfly Jamarhl Crawford and his allies with the Boston Black Men’s Leadership Group protested outside BPD headquarters. "We’re calling for nothing short of a complete dismissal,” says Crawford. “If [Barrett is] drawing a paycheck from the City of Boston in any way I'll be pissed - we want him working at Wendy’s."

As of 3:30pm, BPD public relations officers did not release information on the Barrett verdict. Regardless of the outcome, though, chances are it will be largely ignored in the wake of Haiti and the most volatile statewide political race in recent memory. That said; whatever happens with the police will surely pale in comparison to what the phonics cops have in store for Boston’s next right-wing radio host.  

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