The Archbishop of England Needs To Shut The Fuck Up

I'll never understand how the Metro chooses the wire copy that it runs. Today they have something from Reuters about this whiny little cunt Vincent Nichols - the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales - who has a beef with social networking.

According to the article, Nichols believes that such sites as Facebook and MySpace lead young people to form "transient relationships which put them at risk of suicide when they collapsed." Unfortunately, shithead does not explain the potential damage that could result from developing relationships with imaginary carpenters.

I'll keep this short: STOP GIVING THESE CATHOLIC GOONS THE PULPIT EVERY TIME THEY HAVE SOME DUMB SHIT TO SPIT. Right-thinking readers are not interested in what virgins have to say about sex and marriage, or in what technological prudes have to spew about social networking. Man-on-boy rape? Maybe. Facebook? Hell no.




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