Montreal Comedy Festival: Reggie Watts gives me a comedy chub

As previously mentioned, there is nobody quite like comedian Reggie Watts. Hobo meets hip-hop meets Emo meets Emo Phillips is the best I can come up with to describe him.

He's hosting this weeks' series of Amp'd Music Comedy shows, and doing a perfect job of it. The problem with most comedy show hosts is that they're mostly comedians -- or wannabe comedians who own comedy clubs -- and they don't know when to get the fuck off the stage. They're like teenagers drinking their first wine cooler. They love it. It feels gooood. So they just keep going and going and going until everybody is feeling uncomfortable for them. This is bad news for any subsequent acts, because an uncomfortable audience is a lethally quiet audience. Or, even, a mean audience. A mean drunk audience. I'm shuddering just thinking about that shitstorm.

But Reggie? He's brilliantly funny, and keeps the audience captive in his gentle Technicolor grasp for just long enough to keep them wanting more, and then, he stops. Gorgeous.

He opened last night with this, which is, I've heard, completely improvised.

And, mid-show, did "Fuck Shit Stack." Always a crowd pleaser, as long as the crowd's not packed with those of the delicate-eared persuasion.





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