Former Monkees star uses social networking to spread word on his condition

Peter Tork, one of the famous TV characters/musicians known as The Monkees, announced in March that he had a rare form of cancer called adenoid cystic cancer. He had surgery, but the cancer has come back, he announced over Facebook recently, the Washington Post says.

"The doctors have given him an excellent chance, 80 percent, of containing this new tumor and shrinking it," said Therra C. Gwyn told the Hartford Courtant,

Apparently, Tork has been using Facebook to update his fans on his condition and has even been friend-requesting certain people, like the Washington Post writer Jennifer LaRue Huget, to help spread the word about his condition and this rare form of cancer.

Friend Peter Tork on Facebook
Friend Peter Tork's new band, Shoe Suede Blues

According to the Post article, Tork and his friends are also using the Web to help raise money for research of this rare cancer by selling Tork's goods on eBay.

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