Memes from a bad dream

No Winnebago Man.

No Numa Numa guy.

No Little Superstar.

The dynamite booms no longer, and only the echoes of the "small daring boy's" chortling remain.

Something about's "meme scenery" is profoundly unsettling. The silent emptiness seems to whisper balefully, like those scenes in 28 Days Later, or an old mining ghost town, or Prypiat.

Tay Zonday's mic stands alone, waiting in vain for him to move away from it to breathe in. The "Kittens inspired by Kittens" girl has scampered off, leaving behind what looks to be a chair designed for some bizarre form of torture. In another empty room, a brown ottoman sits quiet and unmolested. Down what hole have you disappeared, Dramatic Prairie Dog?

Hopefully Obama's new cyber security czar can prevent this nightmare from being realized, protecting these denizens of WorldWideWebland from disappearance and keeping the tubes safe for them to survive and thrive.

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