Our Dumb and Racist Readers

Every now and then - especially since we have this black guy as president - I get these ignorant tirades from people who I'm imagining don't read the Phoenix (if they did - then they might know that I would ridicule them - like I am about to do here). The letters all have some common themes: 1 - They're written at a third grade level (if they were paper letters, I presume they'd be in crayon); 2 - They're horribly racist (someone's daughter likes blowing Latino dudes); 3 - They make little sense; and 4 - They're from anonymous email addresses.

In the past week - since an MBTA trolley driver crashed near Government Center while text messaging - I've gotten two pretty good ones, so I'm sharing them with you. Notice how they're fueled by the assumption that the trolley operator got his/her job through some sort of affirmative action initiative, which isn't the case at all (the first one - which I got on Saturday - assumes the driver was black). If any of you know which particular right wing talk show slob inspired these rants, please let me know (BTW - Can you imagine how angry Jay Severin is that he was suspended when a transgendered union member injured 49 people). Otherwise, just be sure to take these spiels at face value and use the "facts" as talking points when in heated anti-intellectual debate with your friends and family.    


This one was from: "White and not a Minority T Worker" (Sounds like a tribal name to me) 

You wait decades for this thing to happen and jump for joy when it does.
It takes this kind of incident to point up just how this employee got his job, who sponsored him, what politician handed him a intro letter to get a MBTA job, the whole stinking system that shuts out Caucaisans from employment at the MBTA (requirement #1: when talking, talk loud and wear some kind of African symbol on clothing).
Dan says he's "outraged"
Well Danyou preside over this entire stinking mess of a pub transpo edifice.
You, Dan, the way you cavort on Ipswich beaches in the near-nude with your male lover.....
The filthy trash filled transpo vehicles we the public have to endure because you and the system guarantee things will ALWAYS be the way they have always been.


And here we have the handiwork of "Johnny Windlee"

Pile the banged up trolleys over to Fenway and mount the 2 WS trophys atop and people will come to ooh and aaah.
As for the kids hurt in the crash on the way to Fenway: get some signed balls over to thehospitals signedj by Nomar or Dom Dimaggio, anyone I guess...hell a ball is a ball......
Do it all up corny Boston style, the way they do things in Boston with the superflous parades and hype nostalgia tripping thru the Globe,. e.g.
As for the driver of the trolley: so sad to see you go we hardly knew ye.
Maybe a little less cavorting on Ipswich beaches by Dan Grab. with his male lover in tow and Dan down in the trenches in the subway tunnels seeing for himself what is going on.
Hey Dan when you get to Alewife: stop all the loud MBTA employee talking and hand them a broom while they're "chilling"
Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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