Swine Flu parties/updates

Just when you thought people couldn't get any crazier, now they're trying to infect their kids (and themselves) with Swine Flu by having Swine Flu parties.  

NYTimes article on parties:

The CDC does NOT recommend hosting a part:

UPDATE: Swine Flu in Boston area (26 cases):,

Here's what people are saying online about the parties:

  1. Cassandra Willyard
    cwillyard I call this crazy! RT @RebeccaSkloot Swine flu parties to get purposely infected while the virus is (still) weak
  2. PKIDs
    PKIDs Don't have swine flu parties to get infected. The pendulum is swinging too far each way, from panic to mockery. Avoid flu of any sort.
  3. Maisie Burgess
    missmaisie @XxEMxX Yay! Apparently there are 'swine flu parties', they sound like fun, purposefully getting something that could kill you! Lets go!
  4. Tony Hicks
    insertfoot People are having Swine Flu parties to infect their kids with a lesser strain. Never underestimate a parent's ability to act stupid.

  1. Peter Gough
    Goughy01 Did I really hear that people are planning swine flu parties to get the mild version. Dickheads
  2. Joe Brooks
    joebrooks US officials say that "swine flu parties" is a bad thing. And here I was joking when I suggested such things a few weeks ago.
  3. Tom Fragala
    tfragala One thing I miss about Ireland is the gallows (non-PC) humor. They'd be apt to have swine-flu parties and make wildfire jokes.
  4. Kelsey Livezey
    klivezey : the CDC recommended that we don't have swine flu "parties" in an attempt to get the disease. Guess i need to make new plans for friday...

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