David Sedaris and the Boston monkey college

It's a little-known fact that most of what appears in the New Yorker is actually written about Boston. Those guys should just give up already and move here. 

Latest example: David Sedaris's LOLZapalooza  in the March 30 issue -- and hidden behind the subscriber firewall online --  involving Costco, a giant box of rubbers, strawberries, and a book tour. Also: monkeys. Specifically: Boston monkeys. 

Here's the relevant excerpt, in which he describes his after-reading routine: 

For hours each night I would talk to people, asking pretty much whatever I wanted. The trick, of course, is to match the right person with the right question. Take this young woman I met in Boston a few years back. I'd been signing for almost six hours, and when she finally stepped up to the table my mind went blank. "When, um . . . When did you last touch a monkey?" I asked

I expected "Never," or "It's been years," but instead she took a step back, saying, "Oh, can you smell it on me?"

The young woman's name was Jennifer, and it turned out that she worked for Helping Hands, an organization that trains monkeys to work as slaves for paralyzed people. At her invitation, I visited the facility, outside Boston, and spent a pleasant afternoon having my pockets picked by some of the cleverer students.

 This was news to us. After much effort -- 30 whole seconds of Googling, mind you -- we were able to track down the website of the alleged monkey slavers. According to their site, Helping Hands has about 

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