Passing a virus along

Maine author Hannah Holmes, whose natural history of humans, The Well-Dressed Ape (Random House), I reviewed last month, has started a new viral campaign to help market her book. The first installment of her effort is this video, which I've embedded here:



But I'll also share with you her note introducing the video, both to give you a sense of Hannah herself, and a sense of the book world as it stands today. (She refers to a future installment; I'll post that when it comes out.)

My Dearest Friend, Neighbor, Husband, Colleague, Relative, or Casual Acquaintance,

In a following e.mail you will receive a link for a video on YouTube. If you could make sure everyone you've ever met sees it, that would be a big help to me.

We -- I, my husband, my publisher, everyone who cares about my new book THE WELL DRESSED APE -- are attempting to launch a "viral video." Strangely, this is how books are marketed today.

Another installment will be forthcoming around St. Patrick's Day. About drunkenness.

PS: New York Times on Thursday. HOME section.

With gratitude and a fair amount of embarassment,


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