Give Brady a Break!

All right, the Super Bowl is over and now it’s time to focus on other important matters in the realm of sports -- Tom Brady’s imminent descent into "softness."  In an article, published last week, Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy accused Brady of becoming "too soft" after photos of the superstar quarterback and supermodel fiancée, Gisele Bundchen, vacationing in Mexico surfaced.  For many Patriots fans, it was hard to swallow the images of the two-time Super Bowl MVP cuddling up poolside and exchanging Eskimo kisses with his girlfriend.

I can hear the crack of the whip now…

After Brady’s devastating blow to the knee during the first game of the series, the Pats' golden boy limped off of the field, taking with him New England’s Super Bowl dreams.  Fans have been awaiting Brady’s triumphant and redeeming return, only to see him completely smitten like a love-sick puppy dog.  And the pictures seem to validate worries of an ever-growing hypersensitive quarterback.

Warning:  If you have sensitive gag reflexes, I strongly suggest averting your eyes.

In case you missed it, these are the pictures of Brady and Gisele creating dry heaves across the country:

Picture courtesy

The pictures speak for themselves…Despite the high gag factor, I think it’s time to give the guy a break.  He just got engaged and is recovering from a serious injury.  And is it really a surprise that the guy who has graced the covers of GQ and Esquire Magazine donning designer suits and sending us seductive stares would reveal a more sensitive side?  The guy’s hopelessly in LOVE.  Maybe I’m just feeling all gooey and mushy in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, but hey, even the Incredible Hulk needed some lovin’.     

And for all you haters out there who are still unconvinced, wouldn’t you also turn into a big ball of sap if you had Gisele on your arm?  Heck, even I would.


-Christine Choe


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