CONTEST: Tell us your love life in six words


Met him online. Blogged our divorce. - Kristy Sammis

While playing wingman, found my wife. - Scott Northrop

Foung my ex-husband on Craigslist. Twice. - Yin Shin

Will always follow you. On Twitter. - Mircea Lungu

Cuddling in bed, she said good-bye. - Christopher Warren

Job requires me to contemplate cunnilingus. - Dan Savage

The above is a sampling of what you'll find in Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak by Writers Famous & Obscure,  which I reviewed for this week's paper. The book is a follow-up to the original Six-Word Memoirs, which was the brainchild of Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser, editors at an online magazine called SMITH, in December of 2006, when they asked readers to sum up their lives in six words. Submissions poured in, and the result was a New York Times bestseller.

Now, they've shifted their focus to that thorny, web of complexity we all contend with: love lives. Smith and Fershleiser which will elaborate on this latest, romantic (or love-bashing, depending on your point-of-view) installment of the series, next Tuesday, February at Brookline Booksmith. Until then, they're extending their challenge to Phoenix readers.

Can you sum up your love life in six words? Send us your submissions, and we'll pass them on to six-word experts Smith and Fershleiser, who'll select their three favorites, and award free copies of the book to those three. But wait! There's more! They've also agreed to include their favorite in the next published installment of Six-Word Memoirs. So, here's your chance to vent all of that frustration over failed relationships, or shout from the hilltops about how totally awesome your beloved is.

You can submit your six-word memoir on love and/or heartbreak in three ways:

1 - Comment on my article: (After it goes live on Thursday morning)

2 - Befriend the Boston Phoenix on Facebook, and leave a comment on our page.

3 - Post a response to the Six-Word Memoir post on our Twitter page.

(You can also submit your six-word memoirs at and be considered for a future book, even if you don't win this contest.)


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