The only game in town: Sox fever grips the city

Memo from the desks of Buzz and Ira*

TO: Local Boston TV newscasters

RE: World Series tie-ins    

"What we have here is a TV-ratings dog of a World Series. Even the banner-hungry un-sportsmanlike Boston fans may lose interest in a one-sided slaughter. So let's stir things up. On game day, make every effort to devote or relate your top news stories to the upcoming game. If you interview a city councilor, ask him if he's going to the game. If there's a traffic jam, ask drivers if they think they'll get home in time to root for the Sox. We can make this thing work!"

Memo received and understood, chiefs. Consequently . . .

ANCHOR: One family that won't be watching the game tonight lives in Dorchester, where tragedy struck this afternoon in the form of a drive-by shooting. Fifteen-year-old Montel Davis was gunned down in front of his three-story home just hours before the first pitch. So instead of watching the Sox and the Rockies, Montel's distraught parents will be spending the night at City Hospital, where their son is reported in grave condition. We switch you now live to the scene where correspondent Jamal O'Brian has the latest developments.

O'BRIAN: Yes, Jim, the shooting certainly made this a game-day to remember on this usually quiet Boston street. My camera crew and I caught up with Montel Davis's parents just a few hours ago, but when we questioned them about their plans to watch the World Series, the grieving Mrs. Davis became so emotional she had to ask us to leave.

Meanwhile next door, the Rondeau family, who remember the victim as a quiet boy who spent a lot of time sitting on the stoop, will be among the Fenway faithful glued to their sets this evening. Mr. Rondeau had this to say.

ED RONDEAU [recorded earlier]: Hey, nobody's gonna deny that this is tragic. I liked the kid. But life goes on, you know. If he hadn't been shot, I know little Monty would have been watching the game. Go Sox!

O'BRIAN: Reporting from saddened but nonetheless enthusiastic corner of Red Sox Nation, this is Jamal O'Brian. Back to you, Jim. Hey, who's pitching tonight? . . .

*Buzz and Ira are the two guys who make all the decisions in television.

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