OiNK shut down!

Hot on the heels of the news that TV Links UK was shut down over the weekend comes word that OiNK, the torrent site on which hundreds of thousands of people were downloading albums ranging from the classics to stuff that won't even be released for about another six months, was shut down by English and Dutch police forces, who also arrested the site's 24-year-old proprietor

OiNK was an invite-only site with almost draconian rules and regulations regarding what could be uploaded (no transcodes, bitrates of 192 or better, etc.) and who could download (only those who maintained certain upload-to-download ratios.) The result worked out pretty well for the site's estimated 180,000 users. But all those people's info - or, at least, those who actually played by the rules and didn't get banned - is now more than likely in the hands of the authorities.

The reaction has been a little "woe is me," which is probably not surprising. We suspect the internet will move swiftly to the next stop, though. And what else even needs to leak this year?

Also, the trifecta is in play: who will get busted next?

(We see OTD beat us to the punch on this)

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