TV Links operator arrested, Site shut down

It's Saturday, October 20th. Like most days that follow Friday, you plan to spend this one gathering up all of your sweets in the house and plopping down in front of the computer for a half day of TV, courtesy of the UK-based website TV Links. Complacent and happy, you press the necessary keys that would normally take you to the free goodness. Rather than come up, an error screen appears. You dismiss this as a momentary glitch in the wireless, then calmly refresh said screen. The same message pops up. You still don’t panic. You exit out of Internet Explorer, reopen the browser and return to the site. Still nothing. You load up Firefox. No luck. Now you’re starting to imagine the worst. You restart your computer and wait for the damn thing to load up before returning to the site. It doesn’t. Becoming slightly delusional and perhaps superstitious, you take the computer over your head so as to achieve maximum internet usage, tap on the wall 3 times, and then futilely and miraculously (what with your hands hoisting the computer) tap the keys that just a few days before had delivered you into the ultimate time suck. When that doesn’t work, you punch your computer in the screen.


Helpless and desperate, you turn to Google News for some sort of diversion, however inferior it is to what that glorious site, TV Links, typically has to offer. Unthinkingly, you type the words "TV Links UK" into the "search news" box and — shit, fuck, son of a bitch — your worst fears are realized: the site’s operator has been arrested, the site itself shut down.You very nearly shed a tear for the 26-year-old Cheltenham man, but more for your sad, suffering self.

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