• March 01, 2007
    By Ian Sands

    A one-time budding academic who for existential reasons drops out of Colombia University to work as a hot dog vendor, Mortimer Taylor Coleridge doesn’t even like pop music. Nor is he familiar with VH1, the channel on which he first comes across Gwen. But it isn’t long after the encounter that he’s carefully considering No Doubt’s lyrics and patroling message boards for clues about his ain true love's character.

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  • March 01, 2007
    By Mike Miliard
    So is Curt Schilling changing the name of his MMORPG company from Green Monster Games to 38Studios so as to distance himself from the Red Sox lest his final year is played in another uniform?

    Let’s hope not. If the paltry 19 pitches he threw last night (18 fastballs and a slider) are any indication whatsoever — and they may not be — it would behoove us to keep him around for a while.

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