"I'm Doing This As Hard As I Can": new video of Mooninites over Cambridge

One among dozens of small gestures of solidarity with the artists behind the Mooninite scare was captured on video last evening by our own K. Bonami. Tipped off by a prominent local video artist, she showed up in Central Square just in time to catch a projection that included clips from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well as the Mooninite catch-phrase "I'm Doing This As Hard As I Can," which seems on pace to replace "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" as the universal geek code for "You been pwned." We expect to see T-shirts momentarily. Here's the video:

The artist behind last night's silent vigil was also nice enough to send along a video file of one piece of his installation, in case you just happen to have a spare digital video projector lying around. Or maybe you just want to boot it up on your video iPod and thrust it in the face of passerby on the T. In any case, here goes:

DOWNLOAD: Anonymous, "I'm Doing This As Hard As I Can" (mp4)

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