PODCAST: A conversation with Chuck Klosterman, Gregory Maguire, Kate Beaton, and Karen Russell at #BBF11

Chuck Klosterman reading at Trinity Church, Copley Sq., Boston at the Boston Book Festival. #BBF2011
Photo: BradKelly Photo via Flickr

We're going to go out on a limb and bet that you'll never find yourself listening in on a conversation between these four people again. Thankfully, we've got it on tape. So here it is: this year's "Far Out Fiction" event from the 2011 BOSTON BOOK FESTIVAL

Our own GENIE WILLIAMSON hosted Saturday's most talent-packed panel at Trinity Church. You've got CHUCK KLOSTERMAN departing from non-fiction and giving you about $2.50 worth of his invisible-man novel The Visible Man. (Last week Klosterman discussed the book with Boston's own Steve Almond.) You also got KATE BEATON discussing her webcomic and collection Hark! A Vagrant! (Here she is being interviewed last week by slipstream superstar Kelly Link -- sense a theme?). New Yorker 20-under-40 star KAREN RUSSELL was there to talk about her debut novel Swamplandia! (Here's Genie's interview with her from last week.) And GREGORY MAGUIRE showed up empty-handed -- to talk about his soon-to-hit-the-bestseller-chart Out of Oz. Since it was in a church, the conversation inevitably strayed briefly to Catholicism. Also: alligators and depressing novels. Listen up:   

DOWNLOAD: "Far Out Fiction: Chuck Klosterman, Gregory Maguire, Kate Beaton, Karen Russell" [mp3] 

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