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Over at Omnivoracious, hosted by Only one post is up so far and it's annoyingly music-centric. Why all the flashing lights and filler for your readings, James Frey? Why can't you just get up there and, um, READ? We have grown grumpy and tired of you, sir. We don't care what you think of Ozzfest, we would rather hear some things about your forthcoming book and your deal with HarperCollins and maybe, erhm, advice for writers who fucked up and are still trucking along and biding their time and doing their thing, maybe? Please show us what you're actually made of or go away.

James Frey will read from his new novel Bright Shiny Morning on May 28th at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. Tickets are $5 and they're not sold out yet. Head to the Brookline Booksmith for more info.

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