Virtual Bookish Collage Crafting!

Okay!! Our editor sent us this link to Polyvore a couple of weeks ago, and we were all, oh, cool, it's like Cher's computer in Clueless. And then we promptly forgot about it.

But the delightful T.Y. at the Lit Connection was inspired, and she created two book-themed character collages which we're totally envious of. The first is inspired by the prom scene in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight, the second, which is our favorite, is inspired by The Witch from Blackbird Pond! Go look at them, NOW! She also made one for a young Ernest Hemmingway and Sixteen Candles!

And here is our collage, which we made in tribute to Jane Austen's first novel, Sense & Sensibility, which we are reading right now. We spoiled the plot for ourselves by watching the Masterpiece Theatre program last weekend. The 2-part series made us weep, and the book just breaks our heart over and over and over again! Elinor and Marianne! Painting and pianofortes! Tea in a country cottage! Suffering and emotional breakdowns! Hurrah! We are totally asking for it! We can't remember the last time we read a happy book. Without further ado:

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