Friday Literary Links: The Wish List Edition

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If we're ever wealthy and foolish enough to hire the Strand bookstore to Build A Library for us, we'd request blue and green Victorian era tomes, cause they're pretty. On our current budget, however, we can definitely manage a copy of Stephanie Myer's Twilight, which fellow Phoenician bookworm Deirdre recommended to us. Care to join the PHX book club? We don't actually have any meetings planned, but if we did, we could all take notes in these Moleskin notebooks, which were a favorite of Hemingway's, and which we always stupidly pass over for the plain spiral-bound reporter notebooks that come free with our job. So since we don't write in Hemingway's journals or write like Hemingway himself, we'll just have to settle for reading his LiveJournal. Shame he hasn't updated since 2001. Here are some actual famous people with LiveJournals, just in case you're in a web-journal reading mood. Actually, forget the computer altogether and take a good long lusty look at one of these vintage typewriters; we can't stop thinking about how badly we want one. Although we'll be satisfied with some typewriter jewelery. Perhaps we'll just make our an amazing purse out of an old hardcover. (More book-bags here). And after we're done pricking our fingers numb, we'll fantasize about the day someone gifts us a first edition copy of our favorite book ever, just because. Even nerds can dream big, right?

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