Tiff diary 4: a pop quiz


Here's a brief test on your knowledge of TIFF films you probably haven't seen yet.

Match the following scenes with the director who made the film.

The Scenes:

1. In a storeroom filled with stuffed animals a man about to get a blowjob weeps uncontrollably over his deceased mother

2. On a beach, a sailor drunk on homemade hootch has simulated sexual intercourse with a sand sculpture of a naked woman.

3. At a golf course a burly 60-something CEO about to tee off grabs his balls in agony and collapses.

4. An annoying freak in a top hat babbles gibberish to Tom Hanks who is wearing a getup that looks like a leftover from "Cast Away."

5. Greta Gerwig eats ice cream.

The directors:

a.) Paul Thomas Anderson

b.) Costa Gavras

c.) Neil Jordan

d.) Wachowskis/Tom Tykwer

e.) Noah Baumbach

[no wonder you couldn't finish the quiz -- two  of the answers were missing! Laura Frank Clifford gets extra credit for spotting this.]

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