TIFF Diary 3

Well, I guess it was inevitable. My first big disappointment at the festival, Rather than be negative and name names, and also because this is one of the films in competition (I'm on the FIPRESCI jury), I'll just say that the book it is based on is still great. And I'm not referring to "Anna Karenina," which everyone says was terrific and which I missed.

On the plus side, Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" might be his best film yet. I can't say for sure because I had to leave two thirds of the way through to see a screening of Noah Baumbach's new film "Frances Ha," co-written by Greta Gerwig, who also stars. Since this is also in competition I probably shouldn't say anything more except maybe that YH bet me that at some point Greta Gerwig would eat ice cream. YH won the bet.

I have also spent part of today doing interviews for "Seven Psychopaths." I will close with some quotes from Christopher Walken, taken more or less at random.

"What is that? Chamomile? Ugh. Do they have any real tea?"

"Last year at this festival I went to a movie and the ticket taker gave me a senior discount. Without asking. I thought: that's it. It's over. I wish I was young again."

"Marlon Brando called me once and said he wanted to make a musical variety show and broadcast it from his home."

"I have a cat. His name is Bowtie. I had another cat that died: Flapjack. That's the trouble with cats. They die."

 NOTE: My thanks to  guardian angel Meredith Brody for catching those gaffes. Ugh.From now on the blogging is shut down after 10 pm.

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