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Not that it should surprise anyone after Pia Zadora won their Best Actress Award in 1981 for her performance in “Butterfly” and Sharon Stone won in 1999 after buying everyone a gold watch, but this year’s Golden Globe nominations for the films "The Tourist" and “Burlesque,” derided by just about everyone including the star of the former, Angelina Jolie, might not have been exactly on the up and up.

One culprit is Sony Studios, known for such previous schemes as the creation of the fictitious critic “David Manning”  as a source for blurbs for terrible movies and  for soliciting quotes in TV ads from supposedly average film-goers who were actually Sony employees. Their latest scam, according to the “The Independent:” 

“Sony, the studio behind the clunker 'Burlesque,' recently flew Golden Globes judges to Las Vegas for an all-expenses-paid trip which included luxury hotel accommodation, free meals and a private concert performed by the film's star, Cher.”

Well, business as usual. So why should we care? Actually, why should anyone in Hollywood care? That’s the problem. Not only do they pander to these shills but they take a lead from them for their own Oscar choices. I guess putting on big, glitzy, multi-million dollar TV show has its advantages.

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