• September 09, 2010
    By Matt Parish

    Long have we pined for a time machine to take us back a few years so we could hop into some crowded Allston basement and catch Night Rally just one more time. Scientists are still working on it. What's important for now is that NR drummer and shadow crooner Luke Kirkland is finally unleashing his long-awaited MARCONI record September 11 at a stacked Great Scott release party with Pretty & Nice and friends.

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  • August 26, 2010
    By Michael Marotta

    Go for the Bones, stay for the Wesley!

    Went over to Great Scott in Allston Rock City last night to catch a bit of groovy pop Sam Champion wunderkind Sean Bones -- "Michael, it's more dub than reggae!" -- but ended up giving most of my increasingly-limited stage attention to friendly All-Bright neighborhood indie kids You Can Be A Wesley (full disclosure: YCBAW bassist P.

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  • August 16, 2010
    By Michael Marotta

    Nothing caps off a muggy mid-summer Sunday in Allston Rock City like a fuzzed-out, epilepsy-inducing lo-fi surf-rock performance by Brooklyn's Beach Fossils. The barefooted gang of four opened up last night's triple-stacked gig at Great Scott (alongside Warpaint and Javelin) with a sly bang, and the Phoenix was there to brave the sardine crowd and strobe lights to record the second song in their 40-minute set, "The Horse."

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  • August 10, 2010
    By Michael Marotta

    Caught the second track performed last night at Great Scott by Memoryhouse, an Ontario-based lo-fi dream-pop duo who probably don't have an opinion on the Bruins drafting Tyler Seguin with a pick that should have belonged to the Maple Leafs. Good for them! The show kicked off Memoryhouse's 21-date stateside tour with Long Island's Twin Sister who were also Flipcam'd last night, with video posted during their set.

  • August 09, 2010
    By Michael Marotta

    Another quick-hit Phoenix Phlipcam video, this time from the dirty trenches of Allston Rock City. Long Island new wave-tinged indie kids Twin Sister kicked off their nationwide tour at Great Scott about an hour ago, hitting the road with Ontario-based dream-pop duo Memoryhouse. Click here for Phoenix contributor Luke O'Neil's Virginia Woolf-inspired interview with Memoryhouse's Evan Abeele, and roll up to GS within the hour to catch the headliner in action.

  • MP3 OF THE WEEK July 29, 2010
    By Daniel Brockman

    With a rattling echo that conjures a battle cry skittering off the walls of a great Viking hall, Andy Beresky's repeated wounded howl of "War! Swine!" at the 4:20 mark of this eight-minute epic is a sound to behold. Off a Serpent Records split 12-inch with Kentucky metal duo Old Ones, "Warswine" works as a sampler of everything that Beresky's Northampton doom crew BLACK PYRAMID do right -- punishing fretwork and low-end stuttering riff yawns, sure, but also multiple dynamic shifts, fist-pumping vocal-anthem blasts, and chasm-bridging lead breaks that flicker and lick your ear like fire flares bursting out of a gurgling lava trench.

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  • July 19, 2010
    By Michael Marotta

    Here’s a fun little prediction for 2k11: In next year’s 50 Bands in 50 States feature, my early money is on Dover’s MMOSS to take home the New Hampshire slot for best new band. Sure, they’ll be a few years old by then, but they’ll still be on the up-and-up and we’ll likely still be listening to sweet flute-rock psych jams like “Hedgecreeper” and “Woolgathering.

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  • July 14, 2010
    By Michael C. Walsh

    Follow my logic for a second: Spain defeated the Netherlands on Sunday 1-0 to win their first World Cup. Kind of a big deal. Delorean, a live electronic band that hails from Barcelona, played a sold-out show Monday night at Great Scott. As someone whose summer has primarily consisted of early morning soccer matches followed by pool side chilling soundtracked by the Baleric offerings of Delorean and the like, the prospect of drawing comparisons between the two for this review made me absolutely giddy.

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  • June 10, 2010
    By Ryan Stewart

    Today is the day we announce the winners of our annual BEST MUSIC POLL, and if you've seen a copy of this week's paper or checked the site you already know that the big winners in Boston were indie/Americana quartet MEAN CREEK. Great call by you voters. P. Nick Curran (who wrote that big feature on them) also got them into his living room for an intimate performance, which we will have more video of later.

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  • MP3 OF THE WEEK June 04, 2010
    By webteam

    We first told you about ENDLESS WAVE earlier this year in our “5 for ’10” round-up, back when the songs that make up their new City Walls EP (Fort Point Records) were just demos with a dream. A few months in front of the knobs and a bit more sonic breathing room have done wonders for the trio’s potent shoeblazing style, and “Ocean Drive” — with its crashing crests of vocal delay, streaky cirrus-cloud solos, and freaky hybridization of Pale Saints and Pavement — makes one spiffy ambassador for their promising debut.

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  • MP3 OF THE WEEK May 27, 2010
    By webteam

    Getting 10 or 12 four-minute songs ready for pressing is like getting 10 or 12 four-year-olds ready for a party — it takes what feels like forever. So when local pop powerhouse five-piece TAXPAYER found themselves in a particularly fertile stretch — cranking out four songs in as many months, and sharing the burden of songwriting equally for the first time — it didn’t make sense to keep them hanging around.

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  • April 30, 2010
    By Ryan Stewart

    VIDEO: Freelance Whales perform "Generator First Floor" (live at Great Scott) and discuss their busking origins

    Not long ago, some folks from Great Scott approached us with an idea: they wanted to video some performances at the Allston rock club. So, we here at the Phoenix are pleased to debut the first of what we hope will be many LIVE AT GREAT SCOTT sessions! All video here has been shot and edited by Dustin Devlin, Matt Thompson, Fabian Perez, and Tracy Drane (who also serves as interviewer).

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  • April 01, 2010
    By webteam

    The crowd at the Pill, a dance night now in limbo following the recent ownership change at Great Scott

    Pretty clever April Fool's e-mail: GREAT SCOTT, one of the region's best rock venues, sent an transmission saying they'd been sold to the owners of the soon-to-be-departed Kells.

    Hello Great Scott faithful,

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  • March 25, 2010
    By webteam

    THURSDAY 03.25 | UNTITLED @ Good Life | Join the folks from Allston's beloved Rescue boutique for the second installment of UNTITLED - a heaping serving of new-wave and post-punk classics plus a pop-up mall featuring Rescue, Orchard skate shop, and Creep Street. Throw in some $3 'Gansett tallboys and you've got the makings of the dirtiest retail binge ever.

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  • March 04, 2010
    By webteam

    Artist's rendition of "No Tomorrow"

    THURSDAY 03.04 | EVOLUTION @ Good Life | Evolution presents a veritable pile-up of local legends as house-hoisting residents Bruno, Eli Wilkie, Brendan Wesley, Joseph Colbourne, Coatti Mondi, and John Barera welcome learned luminaries Caseroc and Alex from Queens.

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