• OUT October 05, 2009
    By Daniel Brockman

    Okay, so the photo is from Friday, but still. More photos here.

    On Saturday night, J Mascis and Co. took the stage with unassuming glory, and after taking their sweet time dorking around with their instruments, Mascis resolved the unformed chaos of their initial soundcheck with a plaintive little piffle of a riff.

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  • OUT October 03, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    The best compliment I can give the Dinosaur Jr. reunion is that I no longer find its greatness unusual. After almost five years, it's no longer a surprise that they still sound this good, the way it was when I first saw them back in 2006. Rather than being a great post-reunion band, they're just a great band, no qualifier necessary.

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  • OUT September 30, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    VIDEO: Mayer Hawthorne live at Great Scott

    I saw the immediate future of pop and hip-hop at Great Scott last night, and they go by the names Mayer Hawthorne, Buff 1, and Bad Rabbits. That’s the cheapest, lamest way to begin a concert review, but it’s true, and I’m still too exhausted from grinning through their sets to concoct a more profound intro. FULL REVIEW AND MORE VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP.

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  • OUT September 29, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    Photo by Nellie Sweet

    A swarm of KMFDM fans in shin-swallowing boots, leather bondage kilts, and fishnets stream by as my friend Andy and I loiter in the House of Blues lobby, killing time until Andy’s concert buddies show up. When they do, the girls come bearing gossip: they were at KMFDM's afterparty in NYC last night, and they report that the band mentioned being nervous about playing Boston.

    It’s unsettling news, but not too surprising. After all, we’re standing on the grave of Axis, the site of a disastrous 2003 KMFDM show. That night six years ago, the band members were all sick as dogs, and even though they put on a more-than-decent show, the Axis audience was legendarily awful. KMFDM hasn’t played Boston proper since (they did swing by the Middle East for their 20th anniversary tour) and skipped Massachusetts completely on their Hau Ruck tour.

    Tonight's crowd is the expected mix of grizzled old-school rivetheads and folks like me who first jumped on KMFDM’s industrial wave of destruction as high schoolers in the mid-'90s. Less expected is the horde of dewy-faced young things. I suspect more than a few of them were lured here by the openers, the Aussie electro-industrial duo Angelspit.

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  • OUT September 21, 2009
    By webteam

    Photo by Michael Kurgansky

    I’m loath to review shows that I’ve written previews about -- after all, they put me the the position of either saying “I told you so” or apologizing for someone who didn’t live up to my own hype. But the case of Julian Lage is different. Lage’s debut solo CD, Sounding Point (Concord), was recorded in May and June of 2008, shortly after his band’s formation.

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  • OUT September 21, 2009
    By webteam

    As Hawk and a Hacksaw kicked into their first number at the YMCA Theater last Friday night, I thought, “So this is what the kids are listening to?” Sitting crossed-legged on the main floor of the theater, campfire style, indie nation (with a few creaky older types in portable chairs at the perimeters) listened intently as violinist Heather Trost and percussionist/accordionist Jeremy Barnes spun through a repertoire of vintage, odd-metered instrumental Balkan dance music.

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  • OUT September 10, 2009
    By Ryan Stewart

    More photos here and here.

    According to Pains of Being Pure at Heart keyboardist/singer Peggy Wang, one of her friends was letting the New York band’s show at the Middle East downstairs double as his bachelor party. This was news to Wang — she considers her band’s shows as perhaps “the least debaucherous thing ever.

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  • OUT July 24, 2009
    By Michelle Abbasciano

    Vanna at Vans Warped Tour 2009 | Comcast Center | Photo by Bryan Mastergeorge 

    If punk fans leap at any excuse to be pissed off, then the Boston stop on the 15th annual Warped Tour was a total godsend. The multitudes of Warpedgoers converging on the Comcast Center last Tuesday start the morning off by sitting in two-hour traffic jams on 495, only to spend the rest of the day wading through muddy lawns and getting their mascara hosed off by torrential downpours -- and they've each paid $35 for the privilege.

    Still, while the rain was relentless, so were the fans; they weren't sitting this sold-out show out, no matter how bitchy Mother Nature got. The tangle of soaking-wet black-and-neon-clad teens, tweens, and twenty-somethings (trailed by the occasional hoodie-and-goodie-bag-carrying pack-mule/chaperone) spent the next eight hours anxiously shoving their way through the herd to catch a glimpse of their favorite bands on this 70-act tour.

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  • OUT July 22, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    VIDEO: Talib Kweli live at Rock the Bells

    About three songs into the epic final set of this year's Rock the Bells - a dream-like materialization of the fanatically anticipated Nas and Damian Marley collabo project - the hot dog that I buried as a late-afternoon drinking base began to sneak up my esophagus. I made it from my seat to the exit aisle, where I projected a chunky wet stream of stomach ooze. Imagine Lardass from Stand by Me; a few ushers in my way even caught some of the shrapnel shooting through my fingers.

    How did it come to this? I suppose my spiral redirected downwards around the time an acquaintance passed me a Percocet during Necro (I had a headache, and, at the time, was unaware that they sell Tylenol in the rest room). I was cool before that; watching K'Naan inside, and Eyedea - who looks a lot like Jason Schwartzman these days - on the outside Paid Dues stage, I had the ideal chemical crossfire charging my system. Even during Psycho Realm's pounding set - and through most of Necro (who rocked despite having laryngitis) - I felt well enough to nod my head. But after that I faded.


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  • OUT May 28, 2009
    By webteam

    More photos here.

    I recall reading something local-music guru Shred said about how people tend to go see their friends’ bands and neglect all else. Even as a semi-professional music scribe, I have a similar bad habit — which is one reason I’ve written multiple features and reviews on the exquisite riot-folk contraption that is the Swaggerin’ Growlers.

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  • OUT May 26, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    Bespa Kumamero

    Every year, teenage otaku from all over New England swarm the Hynes Convention Center for Anime Boston, an orgy of Japanese anime, manga, and video games (or pretty much anything involving adorable characters with enormous leaky eyes) that prides itself on being the largest anime convention in the Northeast.

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  • OUT May 19, 2009
    By Shaula Clark

    The Steamy Bohemians, photo by Neil Reynolds (view full gallery)

    The Steamy Bohemians had lied to us; I was dead certain of it. No way could there be an actual “old Appalachian folk song” that includes the lyrics “Every time the baby cries/Stick my finger in the baby’s eyes” and “Every time he starts to grin/Give my baby a bottle of gin.

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  • OUT May 14, 2009
    By Lisa Spinelli

    One reason I love EDM (electronic dance music) clubs/nights is because of the eclectic group of people that attend -- and last night at the Phoenix Landing was no exception.

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  • OUT May 05, 2009
    By Chris Faraone

    VIDEO: Dilla Ensemble does Pharcyde's "Runnin'." Video by Faraone

    If you follow hip-hop the way stalkers follow blondes, then it might seem that the mania surrounding Detroit producer J Dilla has consumed the nation since his 2006 passing. Last month in Boston, we saw a Termanology tribute to the departed beat savant.

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  • OUT April 22, 2009
    By Matt Parish

    I got my own translator Friday afternoon during a talk by filmmakers Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi — not because of my esteemed position in the local alt-press but because I was one of the few dolts present who couldn't “keep up” with their Italian. It was Day One of the Harvard's “Futurism at 100” conference, and a sleek lecture room in the Center for European Studies was lined with distinguished thinkers from all over eager to discuss the most industrious, morality-despising, feminism-hating, car-crashingest art movement ever.

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