[tonight in allston] Henry Wolfe aided by Streight Angular + Into the Alpha + Bryan Murphy @ Great Scott

The problem that most of the internet has with HBO’s Girls is that the showrunner, 24-year-old Lena Dunham, is the daughter of famous artist Laurie Simmons. Tons of the cast and crew are the children of people who are even more famous than her mom, and a lot of the angst regarding it has centered around charges of “nepotism” on the part of the network. I don’t know if that’s the world’s most accurate reason to be frustrated with it all (I will admit that I have problems watching Brian Williams’ lookalike daughter masturbating in a bathroom, though) but if you’re one of those people, tonight’s show at Great Scott, featuring HENRY WOLFE, might not be for you. This, of course, is a goddamn shame, because it looks like it’s going to be a swell time for everybody who comes out.

Wolfe, despite all of his publicist’s efforts, still remains the son of MERYL STREEP. Does this mean that he makes bad music or a lynch mob should form to attack him for the sin of being born into a famous family? Hell no.

His brand of folk-pop is sweetly serene, and at times evocative of a pre-vocal-cord-tearing-and-booze-binging Harry Nilsson. Posted above is his new video for the song "Someone Else" starring indie movie starlet Brit Marling. It's said to be his break-out hit after appearing in the the movie Terri, and it certainly isn't terrible (the Duplass Brothers have just ordered a mumblecore hit on me for that awful pun).

Anyway, it’s not just the sweet sounds of his guitar on tonight's Allston agenda, though; the always-awesome STREIGHT ANGULAR will be there to connect the rock dots, INTO THE ALPHA, featuring Cobi Mike of Gentlemen Hall, takes the beta position (but will always be an alpha to me), and BRYAN MURPHY of the Shills will be playing a solo set that’s sure to rock your cock off. It’s great that Murphy’s opening, so that Wolfe can sooth you directly after with his folky tunes. Not only is it good show programming, it’s a good way of forgetting about how you’ll never have kids because you saw this great show.

Pull yourself away from that copy of Diablo III or that goddamn Fifty Shades of Grey book and listen to some great tunes tonight. Doors are at 9pm, it’s 21+ and only costs $7.

Nick Johnston is the Boston Phoenix's summer music intern. If you see him around town, offer up a high-five.

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