Boston Accents playlist 04.22.12: Mellow Bravo, Ryan Lee Crosby, Color Channel, Terravita, Das Muerte, Junius, Marrellite


Ahoy! Back after a week away at Coachella, doing Boston Accents live via satellite. Or something. But it’s good to be back in the saddle, and tonight we had Keith Pierce and Jess Collins of MELLOW BRAVO hanging out in the studio, playing some tracks off their new record – release party is Friday, May 4 at the Middle East Downstairs – as well as picking some other sweet jams fit for radio airplay. I broght a handful of new music as well, and here’s how it all shook out...

MELLOW BRAVO “ I Get Off” – Kicking off the show with a MB track off their first record Strut, a track that was used as intro music on the Food Network’s “Sugar Rush.

DAS MUERTE “Byzantium” – Last track off new heavy EP, and the video for the track got the Phoenix’s Awesome Video Alert nod a few weeks ago.

RYAN LEE CROSBY “Angel Of Mercy” – New joint from veteran Boston singer-songwriter, off his upcoming self-titled vinyl LP, which comes out in June. Crosby’s old rock and roll band, Cancer to the Stars, is reuniting for a private gig at Northeastern in a few weeks, so let’s hope some more gigs are on the way.

MELLOW BRAVO “When I’m In Pain” – Guests in the studio this week celebrate the release of their self-titled sophomore record May 4 at the Middle East Downstairs, alongside Movers & Shakers, J/Q, and Roadsaw, who we’ll hear in a few.

JUNIUS “Stargazers and Gravediggers” – Mellow Bravo in-studio selection, off 2009’s The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, off always excellent Kentucky/Georgia label the Mylene Sheath.

MELLOW BRAVO “Where The Bodies Lay” – Another track from our in-studio guests, and this one comes with a very kickass video.

MOVERS & SHAKERS “The Same Old Games” – MB pick to highlight their May 4 release show.

MELLOW BRAVO “Sad Sam” – I asked “Who is Sam?”, and it turns out Same is Pierce’s late pitbull, who like to whine a lot. RIP, buddy. ☹

J/Q “Binary Life” – Also on the May 4 Mid East bill, and a former Mp3 of the Week in the Phoenix.

ROADSAW “Satellite” – Rounding out the Mid East bill.

MELLOW BRAVO “Freshman Prom Queen” – Another old track from MB’s first record, and a live staple from the band nominated for Best Live Act in the 2012 Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll.

ALOUD “The Cash & The Pearls” – Jen & Henry of Aloud celebrate 10 years as a band this Thursday at Great Scott with Spirit Kid, Brooklyn’s the Wicked Tomorrow, and Oranjuly.

TERRAVITA FEATURING CASEY DESMOND “Settle The Score” – Dubstep banger from the Terravita production trio, with vocals by Casey Desmond, who has her latest album coming out this summer.

MARRELLITE “Ace Feely” – New track off the Leopard Sea EP. The Portland, Maine, band posted this to the Boston Accents Facebook page and I liked it so much I stuffed it into this week’s playlist.

SINNET “Castlevania” – Another former Mp3 of the Week, selected by Pierce and Collins of Mellow Bravo.

SEER GROUP “Wounded Animal” – SEER GROUP “Wounded Animal” – Solo project from Jason Rozen of Grinding Tapes Recording Company, joined on the Owlpine record by a slew of guests, including Elijah Wyman of the Decent Lovers and Chris North of his Dream Quartet and the Points North. “Band” playing their first, and possibly last, show June 6 at the Middle East Up.

RUIN/RENEWAL “Fine Things” – Songs recorded in 2006/07 by brothers Josh and John Pritchard finally released as the Chess Club EP. When I opened it up I thought it was a new record from Refuse/Resist – had quite a surprise putting this on my ol’ stereo.

IAN JAMES “All For Nothing” – Lowell singer/songwriter who describes himself as “The Bastard-Child of Jimi Hendrix and Boba Fett,” which is kinda awesome. I’m kinda like a cross between Tony Wilson and Bossk, though my girlfriend swears I got a little Zuckuss to me that only comes out at night. James’ Grand Delusions album is out this summer via Blue FNX Records.

FAT CREEPS “Leave Her Alone” – The Creeps are nominated for Best New Act in the 2012 BMP, and are playing a Boston Phoenix Presents show tonight at Great Scott in Allston with Ava Luna and other assorted awesomeness.

SOCER MOM “Celebrity Unrest” – Nominated in the Best Indie/Power Pop BMP poll, which magically disappeared for a bit but is back again.

RM HENDRIX “Summer Dresses” – The current Mp3 of the Week in the Phoenix, really awesome spring jam from a Cambridge solo artist who is also a graphic designer by day.

THE CLIPPERS “Quiet Confidence” – Duo nominated in the Best Punk/Hardcore act in the 2012 BMP. The song goes really nicely with…

KRILL “Slug” -- …this, another new favorite in 2012. Record release with Saralee and others in May...

VELAH “Glass Heart” – Former Static of the Gods and the Acre kids coming together for sweet music, playing Deep Heaven Now early next month.

COLOR CHANNEL “Never See” – Brand new demo track from experimental dance project, playing Great Scott on Tuesday. Go chill.

xoxo M.

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