[record release saturday] Mount Peru + Thick As Thieves @ Middle East, Future Carnivores @ Cambridge Elks

In the middle of my Boston Rock Spring Preview, out March 7, was this beautifully obnoxious bulge of record-release parties all going down on the same night in the same hood (and one literally on top of another). There were eight new releases spotlighted in total, and nearly half arose in Cambridge at the same time. That night is March 31, and since we now have the weekend in our lazy-brain sights, let's take another look at what MOUNT PERU, THICK AS THIEVES, and FUTURE CARNIVORES (pictured above) have in store for us around Central Square, Cambridge, this Saturday.

Info + words from the Spring Preview, plus other details I just added in there, because darling, we're all a lot smarter than we were in early March:

MOUNT PERU | Middle East Upstairs | With Mount Peru in mind, it was blog-bandits Boston Band Crush who coined the genre "Cosmic Americana." Last year's layered debut My Sweetheart the Destroyer toyed with both intimacy and grandeur, taking dusty-trail folk on a comet ride through the galaxy. The Peruvians' cerebral new EP Your Kingdom's Come Undone -- their first output with bassist Mary Flately and Brian Iskric onboard from the start of the writing process -- takes those themes a step further, and lead single "Juliana" has already turned heads and ears on WFNX's Boston Accents. | 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge | $10 | mideastclub

THICK AS THIEVES | Middle East Downstairs | Rarely does a band's record-release party double as a farewell, but Thick as Thieves excel at the unexpected. Their explosive rock-and-roll swan song, Practice Resurrection like the Fox Makes Tracks, should leave a lasting impression. "No drama or scandals, just four friends knowing when to bow out gracefully," the band assures. It might be graceful, but it'll also be a bit rowdy, as they're joined in the Mid East's subterranean room by a roots/pop orgasm troika of Kingsley Flood, Spirit Kid, and Tallahassee. Grab Practice Resurrection's first single, "Old New Amsterdam," tomorrow morning via On The Download courtesy of the Phoenix's Mp3 of the Week series. | 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge | $12 | mideastclub

FUTURE CARNIVORES | Cambridge Elks Lodge | One could fill a large bathhouse with all the bands affiliated with Future Carnivores, but the dual-drumming orchestral indie-rock sextet is now more than a fanciful side-project for those in Guillermo Sexo, the Wrong Shapes, MEandJOANCOLLINS, Japanese Monster, etc. Their homonymous debut record, to be released at the Tiger Mountain dance party alongside Velah (the new band from Jen Johnson and Mike Latullipe of Static of the Gods and Danny McNair and Nick Murphy of the Acre), Travels, Poor Everybody and a host of DJs, sparkles when it wants to and seduces when it needs to. And that's what we all truly want from our rock and roll. | 55 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge | $7 | 617.354.0404

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