Before the BPD shit-canned their show, Odd Future Belatedly Invaded Fourth Wall Project

OFWGKTA and company rip down old issues of the PHX from the Fourth Wall's windows, to the delight of many fans.

Wednesday morning, I knew six things about ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL, also called OFWGKTA, and most easily addressed by the sobriquet ODD FUTURE.

1 – They are an extremely popular rap collective whose social media savvy has helped propel them to global fame.

2 – Tegan and Sara think they’re jerks.

3 – One time, they really irritated Steve Albini on a bus ride.

4 – They don’t know who Steve Albini is, and do not care if he gets his feathers ruffled. They’re also pretty ambivalent to Tegan and Sara. They’re not fans of Steve Harvey, either.

5 – They seemed like chill guys when Nardwuar interviewed them.

6 – They totally started a riot at Newbury Comics last year.

After loitering around their pop-up shop – a temporary OFWGKTA-themed retail store that precedes their tour dates - which they had the foresight to situate practically next door to PHX HQ at Fourth Wall Project, I learned three more things:

6 – Punctuality isn’t Odd Future’s thing. Announced to arrive at 11 am, and departing from New York, they finally dropped in close to 3:30 pm.

7 – They’ve got some crazily devoted fans. The line for this meet-and-greet wrapped around Sal’s Pizza and extended about a block up Kilmarnock Street. Some of the kids at the front of the line had been waiting since 8 am. Seven and a half hours in stasis for some autographs, pictures, and the chance to snag choice swag shows mega-devotion. One dude drove up from Rhode Island, and his car went kaput during the journey. Hopefully he makes it home okay. (And hopefully he doesn't mind that he came up here for a show that was shut down for ambiguous and maybe total bullshit reasons, but hey, it's his fault for liking OFWGKTA instead of something safe such as, let's say, Justin Bieber. Right?)

8 - Odd Future are marketing fucking geniuses. Every frickin’ band in the universe vends T-shirts and hoodies emblazoned with their logos. Odd Future’s got the enterprising knack to market “Golf Wang” socks, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin style orange foam hands with triumphantly raised middle fingers, and single-subject folders (perfect for the classes their fans skipped in order to purchase and get autographed). The pop-up shop itself is basically the concept of the merch table taken to its logical next level. It’s sort of crazy how no one else has thought to do this yet.

Pushing 6 o’clock, a riot did not appear to be in Odd Future’s, ahh.... future. I think I saw Taco Bennett shooting the shit with people on the sidewalk. Someone was entertaining the line by drumming on plastic buckets. Free Monster energy drinks were dispensed. All was running smoothly, and would've made a dandy segue into the deliriousness of Odd Future's performance at the House of Blues a few hours later, had that performance been allowed to happen.  

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