Greetings from New Sampshire!

Hey everyone! It’s Sam the Intern, and I am back in my homeland after a rowdy summer in Boston. Why did I leave Boston? I honestly have no clue! But it’s partially because I went back to the University of New Hampshire to work on my degree in journalism. While I’m here, I’m acting as the Phoenix’s out-of-town correspondent, covering all the cool local New Hampshire shows and bands while I attempt to finish college. Let's just call this excercise in satellite blogging -- New Sampshire.

When you think of New Hampshire, you may ask yourself, “just what the hell goes on in that practically pointless state?” You may not realize that while New Hampshire is boring, New Sampshire -- the state through my filter -- is actually full of awesome things to do and bands to see. Come along, I’ll show ya!

This past Saturday, Exeter’s math rock band COMMA and funk-pop crew PEOPLE SKILLS played a show in 1130 ft. Studios, a well-hidden recording studio deep in the bowels of sleepy Rollinsford’s mill buildings. Since no one in Rollinsford is awake past 10 p.m., Comma plugged in and turned up, while people enjoyed the ahm-bee-onsse of the soft lighting and charming rustic architecture. For those who enjoy nine-minute rounds of blistering finger tapping and drum fills, or simply a good mindfucking, will enjoy this band. Though they don’t have much for recorded material, their live shows are enough to keep your head spinning.

Ready for a logic problem? Here’s how these two bands are interconnected. Comma is comprised of Greg Baldi, Brent Glidden and Andrew Paolini. Greg’s girlfriend and Andrew’s big sister Sam Paolini does Comma and People Skills’ album and t-shirt art. People Skills is comprised of Sam Paolini’s boyfriend Greg, little brother Andrew, and little sister Chelsea.

Please, no incest jokes. We try to keep it respectable here in New Sampshire.

People Skills rocked like Rilo Kiley backed by Yes. No, I cannot explain what that means. You’ll have to hear it. Chelsea Paolini showed her skills to the people late into the night, as adults, teens, parents, dogs, and other creatures yelped and cheered for the soulful indie pop magic of Paolini power.

That’s all for now, y’all, but look for the New Sampshire tag in OTD for updates on everything music in a state that you probably assume is strictly for rockabilly and yuppie roots folk.

Live free or die.

New Sampshire video by Ty Ueda

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