Don't judge this Weezer album by its cover


Aside from that silly date thing (Zomgz, at 5:06:07 on 08/09/10 it'll be...) yesterday might forever be known as the Great Weezer Mindfuck Day.

First the band revealed their new album would be called Hurley (out Sept. 14 off Epitaph), after the fat dude from "Lost" (honestly, never seen it, and by the time I was mildly curious, the fanboy morning-after water-cooler talk around my old newsroom just ruined it forever). To really hammer home the "Lost" connection, the cover "artwork" would actually feature the effing guy. Hurley boasts a generic photo of Jorge Garcia (had to look that one up!) that's not even shot with a cool, edgy, modern Hipstamatic filter. It's just some random-ass pic your friend would post on Facebook or Tweet about if he or she was walking down Boylston and casually bumped into the guy. I think that might even be what happened -- it looks like Rivers Cuomo was cropped off on the left, leaving us to wonder if he'll show up like some rock n' roll smoke monster inside the jewel case under the CD. Now, after MGMT's Congratulations, I feel like a battered housewife when it comes to shit-the-bed indie rock album art, so I'll just accept this as another eulogy on a dying pop culture art form and move on. I mean, whatever, it's still a better look than Raditude, right?

After staring at Garcia's swallowed-eyed, meat-package face for a few minutes, I pretty much gave up any hope that the new Weezer would be any good. Then new jam "Memories" started making the interweb rounds, even debuted on Paul Driscoll's FNX show last night, and oh sweet Green Album mercy, the song's not half bad. Actually, it's kinda catchy. No hat tips to Timbaland, no whining, no cringe-inducing rhymes. There's a reference to Audioslave and "techno music" in there, but that's OK, because Rivers is reminiscing. I don't even care that it totally rips off Ash's 1998 single "Jesus Says" and maybe even a bit of Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time." It's got that rocking' Weezer urgency I haven't felt since I wrote the lyrics to "No One Else" on a piece of toilet paper to an ex-girlfriend at T.T. The Bear's Place one lonely night a decade ago. Holy moly, this song kinda rules. Check it: 


Weezer - Memories by Hypetrak
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