The Most Exclusive Father Abraham Webterview in the History of the World

Despite his distorted press pic, the elusive Father Abraham is not a pedophile priest in exile. Rather he's the Harvard hockey player turned producer-MC who once skated with the live hip-hop outfit The Indefinite Article, which had a hot Boston run back when House of Blues was Avalon and heroin was Oxycontin.

For the past two years, Abraham sequestered himself at the New Alliance studios in Cambridge, where he cracks tongue-in-cheek raps and concocts the sort of boom bap synth porn that grandma warned you about. Now that he's moving to New Orleans at the end of this month, we thought it was appropriate to ask about his apparent reclusiveness.

Did he step back from the local scene because jealous Noise Board punks protested his band's winning second-placing in the 2007 WBCN Rumble? Or was it just to stock the remarkable beat trove he's compiled since holing up at New Alliance (where he rocks a departing show this Thursday night)? We asked not just for written answers but for song responses as well (all of which you can download here for free).


BP: What Indefinite Article song would you like to leave in the annals of Boston music to prove that you guys weren't just a bunch of punks who stole the Rumble, or, as one Noise board troll put it, a 311-sounding "Berklee jazz fusion [band] with a white rapper."

DOWNLOAD: "Lives of Bliss" (remix) [MP3]

FA: We were absolutely a bunch of punks who stole the Rumble. I'm sorry that we didn't sound like Pavement, or know who Pavement was, or that we still haven't listened to Pavement or maybe we listened to it once and thought maybe yeah you could like it if you wanted to, which never bothered us, but for whatever reason we really bothered people who endeavored to make the whole world sound like Pavement and have shitty jobs at Economy Hardware.


BP: What song did you make about the guys in all of the bands who had it out for you, and do you still have plans to chop their bodies up in pieces?

"Your Beats"

FA: Because when I put my girlfriend on the hook it sounds good.


BP: What song best describes the blissful state of studio seclusion that you've been in for the past few years, and why?

"Lum Di Lie"

FA: [I picked this] mostly because I wanted to include this song in the multimedia webterview and I had already answered all of your questions except for this one. It's also a fantastic song and one of the best that I made last year. It has an uplifting message that both children and adults can enjoy.


BP: What song best describes the suicidal state of studio seclusion that you've been in for the past few years, and why?

"Despondent Clown Rap"

FA: The title says it all. Those were some dark days at the end of 52pickup. The pre-packaged meal selection at the Shaw's at Central Square must have been pretty piss-poor around late November. Strong second verse.


BP: What song did you recently record for Roadsteamer's show "Quiet Desperation" in order to make peace with the Allston hipsters? Why was it important for you to part on good terms?

"Revere Beach"

FA: I wouldn't say that I recorded the song to make peace with the Allston hipsters. I was not aware that we were at odds. I did it because I like Rob.


BP: It is reported that you once played hockey for Harvard. What song has the sweetest clandestine puck life reference that only someone who grew up in a locker room would understand?

"Jacques Cousteau"

FA: It's a song about an undersea explorer.


BP: As a Harvard student, most of your college friends make millions of more dollars that you do? How do they feel about your ode to their extravagance, "All My Friends Are CFOs"? Also - what's the square root of pi, motherfucker?

"All My Friends Are CFOs"

FA: I doubt that they listen. If they did, they would have all surely quit their jobs and opened orphanages by now. [Also -] I'm not googling for you what you can google for yourself.


BP: What parting song would you like to leave Boston and Cambridge? Also - do you have anything to say to all of the illegitimate children who you'll be leaving behind?

"Dance With You"

FA: This was my closing track for 52pickup. It's happy, and it's an appropriate goodbye. There is a part where you can thrust your hips and grunt, and you should, because you only live once in most religions.

I consider the entire Boston music scene my children, Chris. None any less legitimate than another. And I think that it's high time that they made me a sandwich.


BP: Is there a closing prayer that you would like to leave us with?

FA: As a matter of fact there is:

Father Abraham's "First and Last and Only" New England Show

This Thursday (August 5th)

New Alliance Studios 110-120 Brookline Street (outside of Central Square)

7-11pm (with sets at 9 and 10)


drinks by Narragansett

art by Alvan Long & Dave Tree

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