MTV holding casting call tonight at Throwed (Middle East Downstairs)

Figures that after decades of bands playing the Middle East in hopes of getting famous, what finally caught MTV’s attention was a bunch of 19-year-olds in body paint grinding it out on the dance floor to dirty electro house remixes.

MTV is expected to host an open casting call tonight at Throwed, DJ E-Marce’s jam-packed weekly bacchanalian dance party that rotates between the Cambridge club’s upstairs and downstairs rooms, for an upcoming reality show.

The fine folks at The Network “The Real World” Re-Built are looking for the next big stars of reality television and placing them in a season of “Is She Really Going Out With Him?,” which looks like a weird cross between “The Tool Academy” and “Disaster Date.” Frankly, we're not sure we understand what's going on the clip above, except to say that Dr. Drew's future looks pretty secure. 

To help expedite the casting process, On The Download hoped to give MTV a head start by offering some formulaic character suggestions based on the Throwed party photos from last week.

Do you have what it takes to be MTV-famous? These cats do...



The Wild Guy -- Remember during “Real World: San Francisco” when Puck stuck his fingers in the peanut butter jar and the guy with AIDS went batshit? All hell will break loose when this gent reveals he eats everything with no hands.


The LURSE -- When we were in college we had LUGs, known fondly across stateside dorms as Lesbians Until Graduation. But on reality shows, we’re encountering a far deadlier species, the LURSSE — Lesbian Until Reality Show Shooting Ends. It’s one creature that should be on the endangered list, but until it goes, we’ll stare.

The Party Girl -- Ever since Chardonnay pulled out the banana split on VH1’s "For the Love of Ray J" last year, reality shows have demanded far more flexibility. This former high school cheerleader turned electro party poster girl is a ratings bonanza.

The Token Black Guy -- Don’t let his facial expression fool you, he likes the vanilla cupcakes. But he hates you.

The Dance-Rock Band -- Are they still casting brothers, lovers and various family members to ruffle some feathers in the house and create an imbalance in power? If so, let’s raise the stakes and book a whole band, complete with their microKorgs, Urban Outfitters wardrobe and cavalry of boring ass songs.

The Bromance -- A staple of this new era of reality show, this Bro Parade is marching right through your viewing party, worshipping upon the ground ol’ Turkey Hair Shawn from “The Tool Academy” once walked. Sup brah, sick party.

The Sensitive Hardcore Guy -- Jeffrey from Project Runway made neck tats all cuddly and loveable several years ago, so this dude must have a soft side (it's probably kittens, shhh!!!) that he’s just waiting to show the ladies. But don't let the "LOVE" knuckle tat fool you -- he’ll still kick the Bromance dudes asses if he has to.


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