Ramming Speed gets robbed in Italy

Right now somewhere in Florence, Italy, a bunch of sketchy dudes just started a thrash band, complete with merchandise and a shit ton of cash. That would normally be way cool and all, except the goods they’re using all belong to Boston’s Ramming Speed, who in broad daylight had all their shit stolen from their van last week while out getting lunch.

Still touring Europe and leaning on the kindness of local metalheads, show promoters and friends from home who have PayPal’d cash, Ramming Speed now needs your help.

The band is offering limited-edition t-shirts and other merch and recordings in exchange for donations, which can be sent to orders@tdbrecords. Just be sure to put “Fucked In Florence” in the subject line, along with your address and t-shirt size. Earlier the week Ramming Speed drummer Jonah Livingston posted this note online:

We would never ask for straight donations, but we’re working on getting a limited shirt designed and printed. If anyone wants to send us $20 or $30 (add an extra $5 if you’re outside the US) we’ll hit you with that, a pair of Ramming Speed sunglasses (while supplies last) and a copy of our new “5 Years” tape (containing unreleased and live songs) as soon as we get home and have time to put it all together.

Since this all just happened, I’m honestly not sure what the shirt will have on it, but I can see it pretty much going one of two directions. Either A. something brutal like a big upside down cross, or B. Something retarded like Rambo eating breakfast at waffle house while a dolphin jerks off rainbows onto his pancakes, but the rainbows are made out of alligators and they all have chainsaws for feet.

In the robbery Ramming Speed also lost their laptops, iPods, tour journals, passports, personal items and about $5,000 in band cash, which was earmarked for European companies and record labels in exchange for merch, records, the van rental that was fronted to them for the tour.

“Honestly the tour was going suspiciously great up until the robbery and things have been surprisingly good since then,” Livingston wrote today an e-mail to the Phoenix. “It took a few days to get over the shock of losing so much, but we luckily had a string of really insane shows and awesome promoters before and after it happened, which obviously helped us get over it. The night of the robbery we drove like eight hours to a farm house show in the middle of nowhere Italy and the kids there basically force-drank us booze until we lightened up!”

After almost eight weeks of touring Europe, Ramming Speed returns to Boston on Aug. 4.

“I think we'll be doing a handful of shows at the end of the month, including a fest in NYC and most likely an Allston basement, to say thanks to all our friends that donated and sell the rest of our merch off,” Livingston wrote.

Once again: PayPal donations to, with "Fucked in Florence” in the subject line. Hail and kill.

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