SXSW Thur, Fri: Le Loup, Beach Fossils, Ty Segal, Bear In Heaven


Although not a feature of this post, we ran in to GWAR at the convention center. That’s some rad GWAR butt on the right there. Here’s where they interviewed us.

Le Loup

My brain is slowly eroding. The combination of beer, little sleep and free energy drinks has not been kind to me. Anyway. We started the day at the uber-hip indie blawg I Guess I’m Floating party at Love Joy’s. We got there just in time to see Le Loup. They played the best song I’ve seen at SXSW and I have no idea what it’s called. Addison put it well in saying it sounded like hearing Animal Collective for the first time. The front-dude ran a synth-pad,  beat a floor-tom and screamed into his mic, of course held with both hands. Primal, chaotic, awesome.

Beach Fossils

Beach Fossils were up next. I’d heard so much about these dudes but hadn’t heard them ’till yesterday.  The vocals were pushed way down and the guitarists had dueling-twin reverbs that blasted their signals to piercing distortion. Which worked well, as their songs rely on sharp, interwoven guitar leads that are as punchy as they are soothing. Believe the hype, Beach Fossils are legit.

Ty Segal

We wandered town for a bit and decided to go find a Ty Segal show we heard about. We made our way through some sketchy neighborhoods to an even sketchier club up near 17th street. According to a friend, we rode through the worst intersection in Austin on broken bikes that couldn’t have outpaced an irate toddler. In the club, Ty and his band set up to a crowd of fifteen.  They play some gnarly west-coast punk reminiscent of Jay Reatard. We talked to Ty after the set and he was either really stoned, or he just didn’t like us. Totally tried to leave without talking to us. We got him though. That’ll post later.

I didn’t think anything else could rival Le Loup, but we heard Bear In Heaven was playing a few blocks away at a pizza joint. We rode through even sketchier neighbors (a man yelled at me from his backyard “Yo man gimme five dollahs!”) and found a classy, sit-down pizza restaurant with Bear In Heaven halfway through their set out back. Along with Japandroids, Bear In Heaven is one of my favorite acts of SXSW this year.

More videos and whatnot later.


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