Bonnaroo So Far: Day 4 - Phish again

Oh, how Bonnaroo lays waste to my plans. I had hoped to see Wilco, Elvis Costello, Springsteen, and Nine Inch Nails last night. Then, I remembered my endurance melted away on Thursday. I staggered to Wilco, where Jeff Tweedy was in a playful mood, letting a cameraman strum his guitar and taunting the huge main stage crowd that one section was louder than the other. Wilco was the last act on that stage (not to be confused with "That Tent") before Springsteen, so Tweedy joked that he would just pretend any boos from the audience were shouts of "Bruuuuce." There weren't many boos, but good lord was there a lot of "Bruuuuce." I skipped Elvis Costello and his slew of special guests that I can only hope to hear about and regret forever to stake out a prime spot for Springsteen. And I got one. Twenty feet from the stage, surrounded by douchebags. Is it just because the Boss has so many fans that there are so many assholes in his audience? His fan base must have a higher asshole per capita share than anyone in show business with the possible exception of Mitt Romney. Take the six-foot-tall orange-haired dildo standing in front of me, for example. I don't mind him jumping up and down on my foot for three and a half hours, but was it really necessary for him to take flash photos of himself in front of the stage during the entire set? Surely he could remember the experience. Also, I don't mind people dancing, but fist-pumping and high-fiving during "The River"? Really, guy? It's a song about fucking poverty and sadness, you asshole. I'm considering putting a Missed Connection on Craigslist for this guy just so I can hit him with my car. As for Springsteen's set, it was a pretty normal reflection of the kind of show he's been doing on this current tour, with a lot of songs from his last three albums interspersed with the usual staples and a handful of songs to remind us about just how shitty a state the country is in. (In other words: a fabulous ass-kicker of a show for the crowd of Springsteen newbies.) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. made a short, passionate speech an hour before the set laying out the "things are bad outside of this little bubble of pot smoke" theme pretty clearly. Kennedy blasted strip mining and urged the audience to vote out politicians linked to the coal lobby. No word on how he feels about the tens of thousands of folks who drove RVs here. Bonnaroo has a shit ton of programs to reduce or neutralize the impact of the ton of shit that is being produced on-site during this weekend. (On that note: Triumph joked that this place would smell better Monday, when it goes back to being a hog farm.) I have to remember about the environmental impact of the Pink Floyd-sized amount of dry ice fog that was pumped onstage before Nine Inch Nails' midnight performance. I didn't get a chance to see NIN, being too exhausted from hating people at Springsteen. But, I could hear it clearly from my tent as I drifted to sleep, and I have to say, no one ever wrote a better lullaby than Trent Reznor. Now, I think I'm fresh and ready for the day which may or may not include a monsoon thunderstorm, Andrew Bird, Okkervil River, Band of Horses, Snoop Dogg, and Phish to close out the weekend. Home stretch, people...I think I can see daylight from here. No, wait, I'm high.
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