B.O.B.'s "Haterz Everywhere" finally blows up, 18 months later

B.O.B.: "Haterz Everywhere"

DOWNLOAD: B.O.B., "HI MY NAME IS B.O.B. MIXTAPE" (zipped mp3s)

In the age of interweb insta-tainment, it's somehow refreshing that a song that's been kicking around for 18 months can suddenly jump up and smack the rap charts in the grill. OTD spoke on B.O.B.'s "Haterz Everywhere" waaay back in January of two-thousand-fucking-seven, predicting that its jacking of JT's then-current "My Love" synths would lead to club mayhem, but by the time we'd handed in last year's Pazz and Jop we'd already given up on trance-rap getting a foothold.

But here it is: "Haterz" debuted on MTV's Sucker Free back in April, and last week it finally cracked the Top 10 -- albeit with a newly-pressed Rich Boy verse subbed in. The only thing left is for it to become a radio smash, which if people had listened to the dudes down south would've already happened. So maybe the B.O.B. juggernaut finally happens this summer: if there isn't room for a 19-year-old, guitar-playing rap prodigy in the hearts of "Rock The Bells" concertgoers (locally: Mansfield, July 26), maybe they'll ignore those details and bump his shit just for being the first clever, commercially-salable, underground-schooled, triple-threat rapper/musician/producer to obliterate the charts since Andre 3000. Atlantic's finally gearing up the machine: there's a new EP and, for a new single, this piano-and-fingersnaps doo-wop song called "Mellow Fellow" that's even weirder and less-easy-to-explain-if-you're-not-baked than his breakthrough hit "Cloud 9."

Oddest thing about his current hit, though: We were pretty sure the whole concept of "haterz" was kind of played out. But then just the other day, that guy who writes Stuff White People Like was in town talking about his own haters (OK, now we're totally sure the concept of "haterz" is played out) and how he'd looked to the great Katt Williams for guidance. Ladies and gentlemen, Katt Williams on why having "Haterz Everywhere" is, really, something to be psyched about, no matter when it hits your dial: 

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