Mooninite Dance Nights! Zebbler's club debut, plus the return of Thunderdome

Bruce v. the Mooninites

Ever since we heard about Hollertronix taking root at the Ukranian Club in Philly, we'd been dreaming about a Boston party scene flowering at grimy, non-club-like venues. The obvious corollary was the Elks Lodge in Central Square: two basement rooms, no attitude (unless you count the gentleman's no-cursing rule enforced by the bartenders), a two-o'clock license, and -- dude -- paneling. When the Certified Bananas crew started heating up Enormous Room, this was the dream: a monthly at the Elks, with every party DJ in town getting drunk, throwing caution and genre out the window, making a sweaty roomful of kids lose their shit.

The future is now. Mistaker has laid the groundwork with three increasingly ridiculous editions of THUNDERDOME, a night with no rules and ample helpings of cheap booze, druggy video projections, and bass. Lots of bass. Volume 4 is now set for March 16, and the Providence-vs.-Boston theme brings together our absolute favorite party people in New England under one roof. Yeulch. Clear your fucking calendars.

Meanwhile, DJ-C and DJ Flack have been shredding the fringes of experimental party music at the E-Room every Monday night, building towards something bigger. Now we know what that something is. Their inaugural "BOUNCEMENT" night -- named for a DJ-C mixtape that pretty much changed our lives -- is going down March 30 at . . . the Linwood? THE LINWOOD?!

This is such a good idea.

Although it's marginally less destroyed than it was several years ago when it played home to beard-metal goons, biker-punk apocalypticians, and Southern-fried boogie-rock leviathans, the Linwood is still 100-percent roadhouse. It's physically impossible to walk through the door and not get hammered. The room just demands instant retardation. And BOUNCEMENT is genetically engineered to take advantage of it. You've got Montreal's GHISLAIN POIRIER headlining, and he's been here enough that he ain't just a face from the blogs anymore. The dude has turned out parties here with astonishing regularity, with a rep based more on jam-packed E-Room nights than on Fader/Vice clippings. For pure spirit-of-the-moment circus factor, this will also be the first post-Mooninite performance of ZEBBLER, a/k/a the dude with the dreadlocks who accidentally punk'd the entire fucking city of Boston. In his pre-lite-brite-terrorist days, Zebbler was a working video artist, and he'll be on hand to graphicalize with frequent Glitch Crew compadre Sean Stevens.

This is a good month.

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