Shadows Fall set major-label release date, track list, YouTube channel

The one thing we haven't hated about the Grammys these past couple years has been the metal nominations -- and that's saying a lot coming from an OTD who was permanently scarred by the debut 1988 metal award going to Jethro Tull over Metallica. We'd trace the uptick back to Shadows Fall's out-of-nowhere (yet entirely right-fucking-on) nomination three years back; since then the Grammys have followed up by nominating Killswitch Engage ('06) and Mastodon ('07). Call us pragmatic or just old for not being mad at Slayer winning on what can only be considered lifetime-achievment grounds.

Three years after their Grammy nomination, Shads are finally readying their major-label debut. It's taken long enough that bands like Mastodon (who are better) and Lamb of God (who are cheesier) have already trampeled the old indie-metal glass ceiling. Hipsters have already moved on to weirder and artier fare; Killswitch have taken the Massachusetts metal miracle to as commercial a peak as it is likely to go; and that leaves a lot less wiggle room for the band that kinda started it all.

But even if we no longer dream of Shadows Fall whalloping an unsuspecting nation upside its collective head, we still love rooting for the home team. And we'll be looking for satellite-radio rips on Friday, when Sirius broadcasts the world-premiere of Shads' debut single, "Redemption" -- at least to hold us over until the song hits iTunes a few days later. The album, Threads of Life, bows on April 3, which means it should be leaking on the internet . . . . any minute now. (YSI, anyone?)

As previously reported, Shadows Fall's next local gig is April 4 -- yes, the day after -- when they'll be opening for Stone Sour and Lacuna Coil. Someone should man up and let 'em switch headlining slots for the night.

Threads of Life's tracklist, according to Atlantic:

    1.      "Redemption"
    2.      "Burning The Lives"
    3.      "Storm Winds"
    4.      "Failure Of The Devout"
    5.      "Venomous"
    6.      "Another Hero Lost"
    7.      "Final Call"
    8.      "Dread Uprising"
    9.      "The Great Collapse"
    10.     "Just Another Nightmare
    11.     "Forevermore"

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