Watercooler: DVDJ, BDDJ, new Bosstones, etc

1. Introducing: The DVDJ.

2. We make fun of the Bosstones, but only because they were the second Boston band we ever loved, way back in 1990. (First Boston band we ever loved.) So we're probably the only people who hate ska-punk and are totally psyched that the Mighty Mighty ones have posted an unreleased oldie-but-goodie on their myspace page. Now we're trying to figure out how "Chocolate Pudding" -- a longtime staple of their live sets -- never made it onto a Bosstones album, EP, or B-side. OTD will mention that we would be happy, of course, to post this thing for download if we can get hold of those guys again. Holler at your boy.

3. We've decided we're not listening to albums for the rest of the year. For the next two months all we're listening to is Bob Dylan's themed radio hour -- introducing the BDDJ? -- where the old shit makes like a jive-talking late-night-radio host and digs out weird old songs, weird not-so-old songs, a couple ringers from that 20 seconds in the '80s where he was paying attention to contemporary music, and a few bizarro cameos. We don't understand why everyone else making music doesn't just stop for a couple months and immerse in this. Highly recommended: "Jail," "Dogs," "Guns," "The Devil," "Telephone," and, of course, "Divorce."

4. WSJ: Lily Allen screws up Gmail's ad server.

5. We love Jenny Lewis. We love the DC-hardcore children's show Pancake Mountain. But Jenny should be arrested for wearing a silver miniskirt like that in front of young boys. It's just not right.

6. Following months of speculation, the Globe exiled its CD reviews to Sidekick island. Not like the Globe had much taste to begin with, but it's still a teeny bit depressing to watch a Times-owned newspaper admit total defeat. To further pound the nails into the CD-review coffin, they also outsourced a ripoff of a certain alt-weekly's Download column to ex-Dig, current-Metrotard Luke O'Neil, then ran adjacent reviews by retired/buyout-ed geezers Steve Morse and Renee Graham. (Old Globe critics never die, they just get pastured to Sidekick and Dave Matthews Band liner notes.) Also, new edict: all Dresden Dolls coverage now goes in the Styles section.

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