Pixies, Dinosaur Jr recording new albums: 2007 officially renamed 1988

Oh, Mission of Burma, what have you done?

In a few short years, the hallowed history of ancient Boston indie-rock has gone from "you hadda be there" to "you've gotta be kidding me." Sure, it seemed like a great idea at the time: we got to live out some fantasies by seeing Burma at Lili's, the Pixies at the Paradise, the Lou Barlow Dinosaur at Avalon. Hey, aging hardcore junkies get theirs all the time -- Gang Green reunites whenever the hell they can get a VFW hall to book 'em -- so what's wrong with a few thousand proto-grunge fans forking over a few quid in exchange for the fantasy of not having moved to Boston been born a little too late?

When we get past this grisly mess, historians will likely observe that the Boston alt-rock revival officially jumped the shark when Evan Dando was allowed to put out a solo record credited to the Lemonheads, the single of which is a 20-year-old song that wasn't good enough for the Lemonheads the last time around.

Thanks to Burma, who made old people smile by miraculously picking up where they left off, now everyone thinks they can just get back together and make new albums and they'll be good. Or at least not embarassing. The original Dino trio -- Mascis, Murph, Barlow -- have spent the past month "at Bisquiteen, the recording space at J's house in Amherst, Massachusetts. The album, to be released on a label yet to be determined, will be produced by J Mascis, engineered by John Agnello and Justin Pizzoferrato, and mixed by John Agnello." In case you don't have the re-issues in front of you, this'll be the first album by that lineup since Bug. Last week NME finally got Frank Black to admit the Pixies are rehearsing in January for their first disc since Trompe Le Monde. That is, "if we can persuade Kim (Deal, bassist) to come out of her house," Black is quoted in NME. "We offered to go to her but we figured if we book the rehearsals she'll show up." (Black also bitch-slapped the Pixies doc onOFFon -- sorry, loudQUIETloud -- for making "it [look] like this whole tour careered into this drunken stupor with David. It really wasn't like that at all - he was really solid for, like, 90% of it.")

Which, OK, fine: all those guys need is a couple of Pitchfork 8.5's and they can send their kids to college. But you know what this means, right?

It means there's probably going to be a Mighty Mighty Bosstones reunion. And then how will you feel about yourself?

p.s., all that said, OTD would pay gazillions to see a reunion of the Tanya Donelly/Kim Deal Breeders. Pretty pretty please.

WATCH: The Pixies, "Where is My Mind? (1988):

WATCH: Dinosaur Jr., "Freak Scene (1988)":

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