Exclusive interview: New Bomb Turks reunite for Boston show!

We don't have time to give you a big hoo-raw on how unbelievably fucking great New Bomb Turks were -- if you don't already know, then 1) you're an idiot, and 2) that's what Google's for. The quick: Ohio garage-punk legends, Crypt Records, Drunk on Cock, Epitaph, kaput. They played the kind of sloppy punk rock associated with total morons and degenerate drug addicts, but they used it to turn puns like "Born Toulouse Lautrec," thereby confounding most and pissing off not a few. They were half the reason the mid-to-late '90s didn't completely suck. (The other half of the reason: these guys.)

Before the Turks broke up, they struck up a friendship with the guys in the Spitzz, the Boston retropunk band that grew out of Showcase Showdown. And now the record that Spitzz made with help from the Turks is about to come out. (We're purposefully not saying too much about it because we'll be bringing you a post and an exclusive mp3 from the Spitzz record on Thursday.) And that led circuitously to the flyer above, which is for reals: New Bomb Turks reunited for two nights only, one of which is at the Abbey, the other of which is like a thousand miles away in Ohio. Slimy record store nerds in the other 48 states are gonna be puking themselves with jealousy. Immediately we shot Turks leader Eric Davidson an email to see what else they've got planned. Turns out, nothin': "These two shows (Boston and Cleveland) are just reunion shows. Just for kicks, as they say."

So how'd we get so fucking lucky? "Well basically, everyone was sorta back-of-the-mind mulling about a summer road trip, and the Spitzz were thinking about a record release party, and asked us if we'd wanna come visit and maybe play. They're great pals and it's always fun to see them. Plus they promised the Tampoffs would be on the bill. So there ya go." If you miss the Abbey gig and happen to live in the Midwest, you've got one more chance: "We're also doing a reunion gig opening for Radio Birdman in Cleveland on September 5, and that was cuz we all wanted to see Birdman on their reunion tour, and we're all originally from Cleveland so we figured we might be up there around Labor Day anyway. Basically, you show us a holiday or family party, and we'll see what we can do. But seriously, there's nothing more planned."

Check back Thursday for more on the Spitzz record, including an exclusive new mp3. For now, here's some shit you should've bought 10 years ago:

DOWNLOAD: New Bomb Turks, "Dragstrip Riot" (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: New Bomb Turks, "We Give a Rat's Ass" (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: New Bomb Turks, "I Got Your Bitter End" (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: New Bomb Turks, "Out of My Mind" (mp3)
DOWNLOAD: The Turks covering a bunch of other people's songs at some blog

BONUS: The Tampoffs, "All the Time" (mp3)

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