First look: Madonna at the Garden

So they had what the bizzers call a walkthrough down at the Garden for the "Confessions" extravaganza, and it was totally awesome, and by totally awesome we mean that it was everything you'd expect: over-caffeinated Madonna employee shouting at OTD to put away his camera phone, big burly friendly Live Nation dude posing for the nightly-news cams, lots of jaded roadies wishing us press fags would get out of the way so they can do their jobs. We empathize: if you and your friends just decided to come hang out in our cube right now, we'd kick you in the balls, photo pass or no photo pass. We're not supposed to give away the details, but they mentioned two things that might pique your interest: One, girls on roller skates coming down from the ceiling. Two, as per tradition, they just released a bunch of good seats through ticketmaster -- so if you want to take out a second mortgage, you can still go tonight without seeing Mr. Scalper.

Here's some useless and yet hypnotically fascinating information provided to us on two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Thanks, Liz Rosenberg!

400,000: watts of power used for run of show, nightly
5000: square feet of surface on Madonna's four stages
4000: number of Swarovski crystals in the 10-pound belt designed for Madonna by Michael Schmidt
1000: hours of rehearsal over 12 weeks
600: number of outfits worn in entire show
280: yards of ace bandages used for Madonna and dancers
253: massages provided to dancers
106: crew members in Madonna touring party
50: number of thorns in the infamous crown of thorns, via Cotters Church Supply in LA
40: in feet, size of turntable in center of main stage
27: number of performers including madonna, band, dancers
24: semi trucks used to transport equipment from city to city
8: number of Madonna's broken bones displayed via x-rays and MRIs during "Like a Virgin"
2: Million dollars worth of Swarovski crystalls embellishes [sic] above disco ball
1 1/2: Tons of Madonna disco ball rocket ship at start of show
1: number of "Discofied" crucifixes rising nightly from stage floor with surprise visitor attached

Here's our home-made camera-phone video of the Live Nation dude telling people what to expect tonight: we think that if you click on it, it will open in QuickTime. If it doesn't, well, you're not really missing a whole lot anyway.

UPDATE: We give up. Our blog engine sucks. No video. Sob.

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