She Wants Revenge: Is He or Isn't He, part 2


OTD stands corrected: after digging around, we're guessing what the commenter said was that we misidentified the Adam 12 in She Wants Revenge, not the Adam 12 in Powerman. Which turns out to be . . . true! Although we can't figure out a way to link to it, there are photos on MySpace that make it clear that Adam 12 from She Wants Revenge bears no resemblance to Adam 12 from PM5K. So we're leaving the post below up as a monument to our monumental stupidity. SLIPPY COME BACK AND TAKE CREDIT. Double ugh.

____ (disclaimer: the below is all a big stupid misunderstanding and OTD is a big stupid stupid head) __


So, um, we accidentally deleted the She Wants Revenge post, which sucks because a) hipinion already linked to it, and b) someone actually left a COMMENT on it. Even worse, the commenter (Skippy? Slippy? Whoever you are PLEASE REPOST) claims we've got it all wrong. Which is possible -- we think it's unlikely, but we always welcome opposing points of view. More importantly, if we were wrong, we still wouldn't DELETE THE POST ON PURPOSE -- we'd just man up and correct it. All of which is to say, THIS WHOLE DISAPPEARING POST THING LOOKS FISHY BUT IT'S NOT. So, just to keep everything on the level, we're reposting the orignal post, exactly as it was, below (thanks, Google cache!). Then, below that, a couple of add'l links.

. . .

Okay, here's the deal: She Wants Revenge, right? They're gonna be big stars, the song's a hit, they sound exactly like Human League, everybody loves them, even though Fred Durst signed them. We get it. What we don't get is this:

The band is two dudes, Justin Warfield and Adam Bravin, who also goes by the name Adam 12. There's another dude we know who goes by Adam 12. He used to be in Powerman 5000. And these two Adam 12s, if indeed they are two guys and not the same person, bear a physical resemblance to each other. We called She Wants Revenge's manager, who told us straight-up, it's not the same guy. We called the label. The label insists, it isn't him. Adam 12/PM5K's mom goes to church with an acquaintence of ours, we even put in a call over that way. No dice. We called PM5K's old Boston label people, who were totally in the dark on it.


So maybe Adam 12 from Powerman 5000 is not Adam 12 from She Wants Revenge. Let's have a look, shall we?


Here's Girile Action's press shot of Adam 12 from She Wants Revenge (larger image here)



Here's a picture of Adam 12 from Powerman 5000, at right.

Here's another one of PM5K:


Okay, you tell us. Two fellas. Both named Adam 12. Not the same guy?


Answers, perhaps, tonight at the Middle East, where She Wants Revenge play with Electric 6. It's sold out. If you didn't get in, tickets to She Wants Revenge's headline date at Avalon on April 3 go on sale Saturday at 10 am.

LISTEN: She Wants Revenge, "Sister" (stream)

 . . .

End of original post. So: we had a comment. Which has now, unfortunately, been deleted, because our blog engine is stupid and hates us. The commenter said, essentially, that we had it wrong: that in fact Adam 12 is not the guy at right in the above PM5K photos. We believe that these links (and the photo at right) will back us up on the fact that we have properly identified Adam 12 in PM5K. However, this link indicates that Adam 12/PM5K's real name is Adam Williams -- which gives us pause, since the Adam in She Wants Revenge is supposed to be named Adam Bravin. Could it be one guy using another last name? Dunno. We would love to hear from Slippy again: this time we won't screw up the damn comment. Promise.


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