Killer Bs

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” — Shakespeare.

“The party is over with. Grab your stuff and go and nobody goes to jail.” — A cop.

We shoulda known it wouldn’t last. The Beatles’ publisher, EMI, has put the kibosh on djBC's Beastles mash-ups (going so far as to block the page via his ISP even after he took the songs down). Sorry folks.

Those two great tastes that taste great together, the Beatles and the Beastie Boys, are back for round two. (They may not know about it, but their lawyers probably do.) This time The Beastles new album — copping the title from a Replacements record? — is called Let it Beast, and once again the whole is something completely different from the sum of its parts. Hopped up, slowed down, sped up, and thrown in a blender by Somerville mixmaster djBC, John, Paul, George, Ringo, AdRock, Mike D, and Yauch wanna hold your hand and shake your rump.

If the mash-up is “passé,” djBC — co-proprietor, with Lenlow, of the popular Mash. Ave. night at the Independent — hasn’t heard about it. (Neither have the legions of aural alchemists at, the global bootleg clearinghouse that recently escaped legal trouble by agreeing to only link to its members' mash-ups rather than linking to the MP3s directly.) BC’s mixology makes for a twitchy tension between McCartney’s dulcet piano swells and the screeching bravado of those nasty little men (“Let it Beast”), Lennon’s spectral voice hovering above lounge-louche organ/bongo funk (“A Day in the Life of a Beastie Boy”). Even George’s sitar-hazy mystic warblings get pumped up with scabrous scratches and manic breakbeats (“Love You to Check It Out”). Think George Martin as the third Dust Brother.

And let’s be real: “Looking Down the Barrel of a Warm Gun” is a title that writes itself.

If that Brady Bunch-style cover looks familiar, it’s because it’s drawn by famed cartoonist Josh Neufeld (American Splendor, World War III Illustrated, Duplex Planet). It’s downloadable as a PDF to make nifty jackets for the CDs burned by the iPod-less. Hell, even vinyl fetishists can find satisfaction in the digital age. “Whatcha Want, Lady?,” from the first Beastles record, can be found on a wax compilation here.

LISTEN: Belly Movin” (MP3)
Electrified Kite (MP3)
LISTEN: The Beastles debut (torrent)

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