Hearts on parade: 10 valentines from OTD

Big smooches to Compound 440r's MicL Ptvn for re-upping his V-day mix last night: this is what happens when discopunk and synthpop fiends google their itunes playlists for the word "love." The tracklist probably mirrors the mixtape you made for your girlfriend last week, or at least had promised you'd make, so take MicL up and pass it off as your own if you haven't already:

DOWNLOAD: 440 DJs, "The Internet Is for Lovers Mix"

Some other stuff OTD loves . . . 

1) Krystl-meth/disco-death divas Glass Candy giving away their CD-r back catologue on MySpace.

2) Hollerboard: back and humble.

3) The Rub's triple-threat mixtapes at Lemon-Red.

4) Unlikely covers. Like Sufjan Stevens covering Tim Buckley, the Subways covering TVOTR, or . . . Big Dipper covering Pete Shelley?

5) The Pixies network television debut, back when Letterman had hair. Frank, too. With the World's Most Dangerous band taking solos. (Thanks to Catchdubs for the link.)

6) A Wayne&Wax mix we neglected to mention a couple weeks ago, this one inspired the already-legendary electronic-music class Wayne teaches at Harvard. Not a progression, but an oscillation, moving in tight circles from Stockhausen to Kraftwerk, Juan Atkins to Juan Maclean, Matmos back to Bambaataa.

DOWNLOAD: Wayne and Wax, "A Crunk Genealogy" (mp3)

7) Boston mp3 blogs. Including this kid Ben who loves Kanye and Green Day, and Bradley's, who's been around for years and still tapes shows we wish we'd gone to see.

8) Sleazegrinder, one of our all-time favorite humans, at least as far as writers go. Condolances to our dude on the loss of his father, which we learned about by stumbling across his blog for the first time a couple weeks ago. Sleazy is posting up the secret canon of flash-metal over there in .rar files -- believe us, once these are gone, you'll never see these things again. OTD hereby requests (no, DEMANDS) the immediate posting of the second Rogue Male album.

9) The Jacques Lu Cont remix of "Lose Control." Where the hell has this thing been hiding? (Side note: last week Atlantic sent out a note saying that "Lose Control" has downloaded triple-platinum. To put that in perspective, "Laffy Taffy" and the Click Five's "Just the Girl" have downloaded only double-platinum.)

10) The Bonde do Role VIDEO, this one pushing "Push It" into an AC/DC megamix. 

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