The Raconteurs, Eagles of Death Metal, another Dresden Dolls cover

1. OTD maintained, at the beginning, that if that kid Jack White ever got himself a real band he might get famous. Instead, he got famous first, and now he's finally got himself a real band. He's needed one too, since White Stripes got slammed with a bad, two-album case of Pearl Jam-itis (the condition of being turned by your fans and critics into a classic rock band long before your time). Haven't really found much to like about the guy since Red Blood Cells, and we almost didn't bother listening to the Raconteurs, his long-awaited team up with Brendan Benson. We ascribe this near-oversight mostly to Mr. Benson, Mr. Jack's long-suffering protege, whose much-hyped albums we never liked much. The idea of the two of 'em getting together was striking us as "Oh, Jack's so determined to get the kid a hit that he's playing guitar in his band now" kinda thing. Then "Steady As She Goes" came ripping through our headphones, all "Fell In Love with a Girl" whallop meets "All Apologies" or something similarly minor-key and volcanic and melancholy like that. Whoa: what was he saving this for, again?

Look, we love watching Meg try to play the drums -- for the same reason all straight men love watching Meg try to play the drums -- but we now have conclusive evidence: Jack + backbeat = ten times better. Also, give his massive guitar crunch the bass kick it's always wanted, and someone could play this a lot of fucking times on the radio before we'd get sick of it.

You can go listen to the song at their Web page, or if you like, every blogger on the planet has ripped them into mp3 for your portable listening pleasure. Single's out already in UK, coming here in March.

[Addendumb: Will Spitz corrects OTD re: actual music shit. "I have to point out one error, just because it concerns one of the best songs on one of my favorite albums of all time: 'All Apologies' is in a major key -- one of the rad things about that song is that it has that sad-as-hell vibe, but the chord progression and melody are totally major.']

2.  Just about the only people who listened to the first Eagles of Death metal album were suckers like us who buy anything that Josh Homme puts out -- even when he's drumming. We think we listened to it about twice, which was probably once more than it required. So, uh, imagine our surprise when the new EODM disc showed up sounding like the rock and roll album of the year -- rock and roll here being defined as that thing people like Turbonegro, Elvis Presley, the Oblivians, Urge Overkill, the Supersuckers, and Hasil Adkins do. Yow!

LISTEN: Eagles of Death Metal, "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" (mp3, via Some Velvet Blog)

3. We forgot there was an Amanda Palmer show last weekend that we were sponsoring. Duh. Um, anyway, here's the Dresden Doll's "Pretty in Pink" cover via Stereogum. In case you're not at the video shoot today.

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