DJ Paul Foley grabs his wet donuts

"I'm too old to grab my balls and talk about how good I am," sez Paul Foley.
Photo by Joel Veak

Speaking of UV Protection (who're playing tonight a Bill's Bar: reminder!), we’ve gotta thank head droid Karen T. for turning us onto the silly-dance-party white-boy wonder that is DJ Paul Foley. Foley’s track “Naked 2Nite” showed up on Side A of that Karen-T-curated Compound 440R comp we couldn’t shut up about last year. Joke music usually doesn’t do much for us (how often can you really listen to "Fuck Her Gently"?), but we found “Naked 2Nite” more an electro-blip of beginning-sex realism than any boner-fide new-wave goof. Yup, it's about wanting to get a girlie nekkid, but with that proposition transposed over a New Ordered fist-pumping beat-stomp and vaguely threatening Vader-vocoder echoes, DJ Paul Foley got us to grab that comp's jewel box like he grabs his balls and scan the liner notes for his contact info. Our favorite part of "Naked 2Nite" is when Foley reassures his self-conscious muse that he won't find her stretch marks gross: “You’re insecure about your weight/A little junk inside the trunk is great, baby/I just can’t wait.”

LISTEN: DJ Paul Foley, "Naked 2Nite"

"Naked 2Nite" was already online, so we begged the Malden boy for something you can’t find anywhere else. So here's the R&B-dipped slow-jam "Wet Donuts" that Foley admits is a conscious rip-off of Prince, Morris Day, and the Time. “I’m not really too serious about this song,” Foley e-mails us in a disclaimer that wouldn't be necessary if we told you it came from a best-of compilation called Greatest Shits. (Other Paul Foley record names: Pu Pu Hot Pot, after the Central Square Chinese dive, and Nappi Meats, after a grocery store Foley photographed on Route 60 that he says makes him “picture getting a steak with pubic hair on it.”) No matter, we're amused at how he propositions the object of his erotic affections with a sweet-toothed falsetto, ridiculous lines like “I tried to resist/But your lips look like a wet donut/I’m about to go nuts,” and especially that throbbing, bass-drum porno-clomp of ‘Oooh’s and ‘Aaaah’s.
Har Mar Superstar and Weird Al listen to Midnight Vultures, eat Krispy Kremes in a kiddie pool, and write this song.

LISTEN: DJ Paul Foley, "Wet Donuts"

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