Baile funk: the next generation

BONDE DO ROLE: baile in the box THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD: Disco D and friends

1. You may recall that, once upon a time, a Florida DJ helped a Sri Lankan MC in British exile to gain international exposure by producing a song that borrowed liberally from a form of music popular in Brazilian ghettos that had in turn been derived from a style of hip-hop indigenous to Miami. Which, as you may recall, is a city in Florida. The relevant point here being: the part about the Florida DJ borrowing liberally from the Brazilian song caused a bit of a fuss.

Now comes something that feels inevitable: a trio of good-looking baile-funk teens who are seeking revenge (or so you could say if you're kind of fudging the details, but what the hell, let's invent a storyline, shall we?) by borrowing liberally from popular American hard rock and Broadway showtunes. The best part? Yes, the Florida DJ is involved again.

In case you ain't heard, the group in question is Bonde Do Role ("The Rollercoaster Band"), they have a 12-inch EP coming out next month, they are from Brazil, and they are fixing to blow the fuck up in a minute. Discovered by Diplo, they're the first signing to his Mad Decent record label. Mad Decent's label manager was nice enough to give us the heads-up about this a couple weeks ago, and recently leaked a song to the world. In true label manager fashion, he didn't leak the best song on the disc -- he left that for some blogger guy to do -- but we'll spell it out for you: funk carioca + Alice in Chains's "Man in the Box" = genius. (OTD's dream of a real-deal baile-metal song, first dredged up by Da Falla's Popozuda Rock N Roll, has been realized.) Ditto for the songs sampling the Darkness and the Grease soundtrack. Crass? Yezzur. Dope? You don't know the goddamn half of it. CD version will appear at a later date with remixes from Diplo, Brucker & Sinden, DJ/rupture, DJ Marlboro, and Paul Devro -- i.e., the only baile-funk DJs that matter. If you hadn't slept on these kids, you coulda downloaded the Bonde demo at their MySpace page: now you'll have to stream it like the rest of the early adopters.

LISTEN: Bonde Do Role, "Funk de Esfiha" (mp3 over at Lemon-Red)

2. Hearing the Bonde EP had us thinking yet again about what lies down the pike for favela funk. Mere weeks ago, Disco D introduced the tabloid and mainstream press to baile-funk by producing a funk track -- in Portuguese, no less -- by Britney Spears's husband. Now he's turned around and produced a b-funk single by a Brazilian group who sing in English. (We could claim it's the first b-funk single in English, but we have no idea whether that's the case.) Clearly, this is the shit people are going to be talking about this year. Whether anyone who heard Diplo and Paul Devro's mixes in 2004-05 will recognize the funk in 2007 is another question. But if it sounds anything like this, we won't give a shit. Disco D: consider yourself forgiven for K-Fed.  

LISTEN: Braza, "Welcome To Brazil" (mp3)

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