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You don't have to know anything about late-'90s "Black Sabbath revivalists"  Roadsaw (though OTD does) to appreciate this utility-box-turned-rawk-white-board recently discovered in a practice space at New Alliance. Maybe knowing that the Curve of the Earth band once had two ass-related songs called "Fancy Pants" and "Handed You Your Ass" (scroll) might help. Or that Roadsaw's Boston-famous bassist is Tim Catz* (now of Antler, along with former Saw Craig Riggs) and their twice-kicked-out guitarist was (is?) named Darryl Shepard** (who went on to join Milligram). Or that Quintaine Americana practiced here too and could've made this list. No matter, this one speaks for itself. Hyper Active Colin Powell? Assholular Mitosis? Plum-Sized Lump? Whoopsie Daisy Fuentes? 

New Alliance father-figure Alvan Long says that he thinks the boys were coming up with fictional band names, though it could be a marathon-long brainstorming session for song titles -- who fuckin' knows. (Though if anyone knows the real backstory and wants to inform us in the comments section, that'd be sweet.)
Since we can't post the photo big enough without blowing up the tables to the right, here's the master list (or how it reads to these squinted eyes), clockwise from top left:

Kentucky Fried Christ
Cooking Hookers
Cocksucking Good Cooks
Stunt Drunk
Beef Dahrt
Oblong Catastrophe
Glass Napkin
Queer Bait
Loud Mime
Spastic Colin Powell
Rock City Woman
Acid Breakfast
Flaming Gung
Catz Me If You Can*
Judas Preistly [sic]
Leather Mustache
Chimp Magnet
The Lord is My Darryl Shepard**
Pestering Fister
Faggot Gladiator
Whoopsie Daisy Fuentes
Math Potatoes
Moaning Rubble
Sad Cookie
Shit Ring Finger
Ten Car Pile-Up
Betz on Oldie
Hyper Active Colin Powell
Ryknuss Defnuss
Death Sauna
Assholular Mitosis
Gukes of Hazard
Tits Ahoy
Bitches 'N' the Ass
Narcoleptic Insomniac
Melodic Chaotic Leather Report
Neo Natal Nasal Navy
Occifer Friendly Finger
Heavy on the Jesus
Busy Nuns (Deaf Metal Band!)
Plum-Sized Lump

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